Stories written by Brent Annear

Medicare Pay Cuts on the Horizon: Tell Congress to Act - 11/08/2022

Unless Congress acts by the end of the year, physicians face another big cut to their Medicare payments on Jan. 1.

“Fight the Good Fight:” Fleeger Awarded TMA’s Highest Honor - 06/29/2022

The Texas Medical Association bestowed its highest honor upon Austin colon and rectal surgeon David C. Fleeger, MD, for his confident leadership during difficult times and his longtime advocacy for medicine at the state and national levels.

New Physician Leaders Elected to Top TMA Offices - 05/03/2022

Atop a long list of physicians elected to Texas Medical Association leadership positions, the TMA House of Delegates at TexMed 2022 elected Dallas cardiologist Richard W. “Rick” Snyder II, MD, as the association’s next president after Keller pediatrician Gary L. Floyd, MD, completes his 2022 term.

So-Called “Mild” Omicron Still a Serious Threat, Physicians Warn - 04/05/2022

As the massive spike of COVID-19 cases continues, the degree of infectiousness and lack of the best and most available treatment worries Texas Medical Association leaders about what the next few weeks will bring. They say important medical advice bears repeating with patients.

“It’s a Way of Life to Me.” TMA Recognizes Houston Neurologist for Distinguished Service - 05/14/2021

It’s for such a “long and illustrious career,” as Harris County Medical Society President Gary Sheppard, MD, described it, that TMA recognized Dr. Fleming with its highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award. The House of Delegates announced the award during Friday’s virtual TexMed meeting originating in Austin.

Help Kids Manage COVID-19-Related Stresses With This New TMA Resource - 05/04/2021

Texas physicians created a new tool to help parents support their children whose behavioral health is suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s upheaval.

Legislative Top 10: Improving Mental Health Care Squeaks into Law - 06/11/2019

Political maneuvering late in the Texas Legislative session saved efforts to improve the effectiveness of and access to behavioral health care in Texas. Today’s TMA Legislative News Hotline video looks at the moves to save Senate Bill 10, which will provide community-level health treatment programs, and mental health research.

Legislative Video Hotline: Good News On Maternal Health, Cancer, Liability, And More - 05/10/2019

With just 17 days until sine die, the Texas House of Representatives’ deadlines yesterday and today mean death to lots of legislation, good and bad. This week’s TMA Legislative Hotline video also provides a rapid-fire summary of recent days’ movement on several TMA priority bills and news of a record for TMA grassroots advocacy.

Hotline Video: Should Health Plans Have Sole Power to Set Out-Of-Network Rates? - 03/29/2019

This week’s Texas Medical Association Legislative Hotline video takes a first look at a new bill that could give health plans exclusive power to set rates they pay physicians – for out-of-network care.

TEXPAC Endorses Candidates for March Primary Elections - 01/17/2018

TEXPAC, the political arm of the Texas Medical Association, today announced the physician group’s endorsements for the March party primary elections.