The Physicians Benevolent Fund

  • Caring For Our Own: Tell a Colleague, Make a Donation

    Physicians dedicate their lives to helping their patients, but sometimes physicians are the ones who find themselves in need of care.

    "When we know someone in need, often the best thing we can do is direct them where they can find help."

    – Nancy Thorne Foster, MD, Chair, The Physicians Benevolent Fund Committee

    Since 1961, TMA's Physicians Benevolent Fund has helped physicians by offering financial assistance – during times of dire financial need, for treatment or disabling conditions, and when natural disasters strike.

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  • How PBF Helps Physicians and Their Families

    PBF offers financial support when physicians fall on hard times because of poverty, an accident, impairing conditions, hurricane, or other circumstances. PBF helps recipients with personal expenses such as rent/mortgage and utilities – as well as with treatment for depression, substance use, and other potentially impairing conditions. Following declared natural disasters, physicians can secure funds to restore their practices.

    Your support and referrals make a difference for physicians, and can even help them rebuild their home and family, career, or practice.

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  • Three Funds to Direct Your Support

    We can't predict who will need help next, so please consider donating today to one of three charitable funds set up to help Texas physicians. 

    The Physicians Benevolent Fund

    PBF provides financial assistance to Texas physicians and their families who have fallen on hard times and cannot meet their day-to-day needs. Through the years, the fund has helped physicians who are elderly and no longer practicing medicine, become disabled or ill, and are widowed and raising families.

    Your gift provides monthly, life-saving support when physicians face adversity beyond their control. In times of personal crisis, this fund provides relief from mounting healthcare bills, basic utilities, living expenses, and other necessities.


    PBF Wellness Fund

    PBF Wellness Fund provides financial assistance to licensed Texas physicians who cannot afford short-term treatment for wellness issues potentially affecting their ability to practice medicine safely. Funds also may cover the family's household expenses while the physician is receiving treatment.

    Your gift can help physicians rebuild their career during a difficult time.

    PBF Disaster Relief Fund

    When natural disaster strikes, TMA’s PBF Disaster Relief Fund provides financial support to help Texas physicians recover and rebuild. The fund activates upon Federal disaster declarations, such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Rita.

    Your donations allow TMA to respond quickly to aid physicians after Mother Nature delivers a blow.

  • PBF Eligibility and Application Process

    PBF Confidential Application

    Applications are reviewed by The Physicians Benevolent Fund Committee in May and September, with emergency cases considered in the interim. If eligible, a home visit is scheduled to determine need and best supports.

    • Applicants must be current residents of Texas.
    • Physicians must be in good standing with the Texas Medical Board.
    • A recipient cannot hold in liquid assets more than the Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines for income for the current year.
    2021 HHS Poverty Guidelines

    Wellness Eligibility and Application Process

    Wellness Fund Confidential Application

    Financial assistance is available to applicants during treatment for conditions impairing their well-being. Funds also may cover household expenses while a physician is receiving treatment.

    • Applicants must be a licensed Texas physician.
    • Individuals may apply if they are unable to afford treatment for mental or substance use disorders, or other potentially impairing conditions, or unable to meet household expenses while in treatment.
    Complete Wellness Fund Details

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