The Physicians Benevolent Fund


The Physicians Benevolent Fund (PBF) provides financial assistance to Texas physicians and their families who have fallen on hard times and cannot meet their day-to-day needs. 

Through the years, the fund has helped physicians who are elderly and no longer practicing medicine, have become disabled or ill, and are widowed and raising families. 

Eligibility and Application Process

Applicants must be licensed Texas physicians currently residing in the state who are in good standing with the Texas Medical Board. Applicants must display personal financial need, i.e., funds are not granted to medical practices with financial needs. Recipients cannot hold in liquid assets more than the current  Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines  for income. 

Applications are reviewed by The Physicians Benevolent Fund Committee in the spring and fall, with emergency cases considered in the interim. Eligible applicants are required to complete an interview with the PBF program director. 

PBF Confidential Application  

Testimonials from PBF Recipients

“Your continued support has been/is vital to Marie’s* ability to continue to live with some dignity and peace of mind, and we are all forever grateful.”
– Family member of a PBF recipient

“We didn’t have enough money to pay our bills. If it wasn’t for them [PBF staff], I wouldn’t be living in that house all this length of time after he [her husband] passed away. I survived with their help. They became my family – my extended family.”
– Widow of the late Roy S. Currie, MD 

“After a financial crisis beginning in 2001 that depleted our resources, we were assisted for seven months. The PBF came to our rescue and continued their care and assistance through my husband’s illnesses and death.”
– Widow of the late William J. Reeves Jr., MD

“Without PBF assistance, I would not be able to pay for my health care. Thank you all so much! I can't survive without this and your help.”
– Dr. F, a PBF recipient

*Name changed to protect anonymity.


Your contribution to The PBF Family of Assistance Funds or any of the three  The PBF Family of Assistance Funds , can make a difference in a physician’s life. 

The PBF is a 501(c)(3) organization, so charitable contribution(s) are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by federal law.  

Here’s how to help: 

  • Donate  online.
  • Mail a check, payable to The Physicians Benevolent Fund, to: TMA Physicians Benevolent Fund, c/o Finance Department, 401 W. 15th St., Austin, TX 78701-1680

Contact Information

If you or someone you know needs assistance, email for more information.  

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January 24, 2024

Originally Published On

August 12, 2022