Installment Terms

By selecting to pay in installments, I authorize the Texas Medical Association (TMA) to make the initial charge to my credit card on the 15th of each month there remains a balance due, to charge my card monthly per the number of installments selected, and to re-enroll me in installment payments annually. The monthly charge will appear on my credit card statement as TMA and the statement will serve as a receipt.

I understand that the number of installments I select will remain the same each year. However, the dues billing for the next year will begin in Oct regardless of the month that I set up installment payments originally.

I agree to inform TMA of any changes made to my credit card information. If TMA is unable to charge to my credit card, TMA will contact me. After one month of non-payment my installment plan will be considered void, and I will be required to pay the balance in full immediately. 

To discontinue installments* or if you need to update your credit card information, please contact the TMA Knowledge Center at or (800) 880-7955 before October 1st. You may also visit your TMA member profile to update your credit card information. 

* If you have a current dues balance at the time of cancellation of the installments, you authorize TMA to charge dues to this card for the remaining balance for the current year.

Last Updated On

December 06, 2018