Texas BookShare Request

Thanks for your interest in the Texas BookShare program. We are happy to hear you are interested in providing books to underserved families in your community.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until grant funds are used. This application does not guarantee acceptance. Our team will review applications and notify you within 10 business days of submission. Please submit your application at least six weeks in advance of your event or kickoff to allow ample time for books to be delivered.



Phone Number     

Address To Ship Books       

County Alliance Chapter     

Please indicate whether you require books in English, Spanish, or both. 

What percentage of your books do you want in Spanish?     

What age range(s) will your program serve? Check all that apply.

What population(s) will your event target? Check all that apply.

Texas BookShare participants are required to collaborate with a local clinic, physician's office, or hospital in an underserved community to distribute books. Who or what entity are you collaborating with?    




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