Information Blocking Example

Information blocking compliance under the 21st Century Cures Act became effective April 5, 2021. To comply with the information-blocking regulations as required by the 21st Century Cures Act, physicians need to be able to promptly share information with patients, physicians, and other covered entities  upon request, with certain exceptions.  

TMA wants to hear from you to better understand the types of challenges you are facing with information-blocking compliance. Do you have examples of the following:

  1. Scenarios, and instances where the release of reports or notes without vital physician context or review with the patient could cause or has caused emotional or mental harm. 
  2. Instances where you tried to receive patient information from a hospital, physician, or other covered entity and you were denied access.
  3. Requests from patients that could not be fulfilled due to reasonable technology issues not resolved by your EHR vendor or where your vendor charged an exorbitant fee for an upgrade
  4. Cases related to trying to comply with information blocking regulations that are beyond your control.
  5. Cases where the prompt release of notes, lab results, imaging studies, etc. caused patients to take actions that were inappropriate because they misunderstood the information.

If you have examples of the above situations or others that you think TMA should know about, please fill out this form. This will help TMA strengthen our advocacy for you.  

Please do NOT include any protected health information. Particularly, the 18 identifiers listed here under subsection (b)(2)(i) should be removed.

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