Free Vendor Contract Review - Request Form

Texas Medical Association (“TMA”) appreciates the opportunity to provide its members with non-biased input and guidance on technology vendor contracting. We understand what an important decision this is and how overwhelming it can be to make such a major obligation/commitment. This complimentary service is provided to TMA members by the Coker Group, a firm specializing in vendor contracting and negotiations. To request this service, and so we can provide you with the best feedback, please answer the following questions: 

Physician Name    
Practice Name  
Practice City  
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Contact name 
(if different than physician name above)
How many physicians and other providers are in the practice?             
What kind of contract would you like to have reviewed?   
Who is/are your current practice management (PM) and electronic medical record (EMR) vendor(s)?   
Is this a contract for new service or renewal? 
If changing vendors, what is the primary reason? Check all that apply:   

If other, please list: 
What type of financial arrangement is most appealing? 


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