TEXPAC General Election 2012 Slate Order Card Form

Physicians Picks for 2012!  

Each election cycle, TEXPAC and the medical community distributes up to a million slate cards to help educate voters on the best judicial candidates. As you may remember, the TEXPAC slate card campaign began back in 1988 when the Texas Supreme Court was still controlled by trial lawyers.

The candidates listed on these slate cards have been endorsed by the Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee (TEXPAC). Endorsements are based on local physician recommendations, the candidates’ judicial philosophy and their ability to win. We encourage you to distribute these cards as widely as possible between now and General Election Day on November 6th.

Distribution Ideas:

  • Place a stack in your waiting room 
  • Distribute cards to your patients, staff and colleagues 
  • Enclose them in your billing statements 
  • Distribute them to other organizations to which you belong 

Ways to order:

Distribution Timeline: Ideally, distribute cards a week before Early Voting begins and no later than a week after Early Voting ends.

  • First Day of Early Voting: Monday, October 22
  • Last Day of Early Voting: Friday, November 2
  • Election Day : Tuesday, November 6

To order please complete the following information:


Shipping Address:  





Please include quantities of which card you would like:

A.  Supreme Court -- Statewide
B.  Supreme Court Plus 1st And 14th Court Of Appeals -- Houston
C.  Supreme Court Plus 3rd Court Of Appeals -- Austin
D.  Supreme Court Plus 4th Court Of Appeals -- San Antonio
E.  Supreme Court Plus 5th Court Of Appeals -- Dallas
F.  Supreme Court Plus 6th Court Of Appeals -- Texarkana
G.  Supreme Court Plus 5th And 6th Court of Appeals
H.  Supreme Court Plus 8th Court Of Appeals -- El Paso
I.  Supreme Court Plus 13th Court Of Appeals -- Corpus Christi



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