Get CME credit for searching TMA E-Resources



Get CME credit for searching TMA E-Resources


Members of the Texas Medical Association may submit this form to claim CME credit for clinical questions researched on the TMA e-resources page.  Use one form for each clinical question searched.

Credit is 0.5 category 1 per completed activity. There is no maximum credit limit.

For questions, contact Barbara Tims, Medical Librarian, at (512) 370-1548 or (800) 880-7955.


1. Perform search
2. Select the 1-3 most relevant citations
3. Complete this verification form.
4. Click "Submit" at the bottom of this form.


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 Texas Medicinemailing label or any other
 mailing from TMA.



What is the clinical topic/question?  

Is this question related to (check all that apply):


How would you define your findings?


Please enter 1-3 citations of the most relevant articles.  

Please check which databases were used in your research:

  Describe the application of your findings to your practice (check all that apply and complete the statement):

Please explain:    

If the course of management and/or diagnosis was changed, how was it changed? (check all that apply)

Define the difficulties in finding relevant information (check all that apply):  

Rate the overall effectiveness of this activity.

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