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Sign up for TMA Knowledge Center E-mail Or RSS Alerts

EBSCO (a TMA members-only database) provides an alert service that allows users to keep abreast of new articles by subject. This is done via searches that are first saved and then set to run each week. The results of these searches are e-mailed directly to the user, or accessed via RSS feed.  EBSCO alerts provide citations and abstracts with some full-text articles. To learn about RSS feeds and compatible aggregators visit TMA RSS feeds or EBSCO technical support

If you would like an e-mail alert or RSS feed on any topic of interest, simply fill out this form and the TMA Knowledge Center staff will set it up for you.  If you are signing up for an email alert, see instructions  for setting up seamless access from the email to the EBSCO databases.

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Current EBSCO alerts set up by the TMA Knowledge Center staff. Please check any you would like to sign up for.  

If you would like TMA Knowledge Center staff to create another alert for you, please specify the topic(s) you would like:  

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Instructions for Email Alerts:
To be taken directly from the alert email to the article citation information, follow these directions to save a cookie on your computer.

1. If you have accessed the library's e-Resources for Members Only before, and your computer is set to accept cookies, your computer will have saved a cookie to let you view full-text of articles marked below by clicking on links provided in the email.

2. If you are new to accessing the center's e-Resources:

  • Go to Members Only access (register a username and password or, if you are already registered, enter your username and password previously established) to reach the e-Resources Access Page that links to licensed online databases. Click on the MEDLINE database.  Minimize the Internet browser that you opened through this process. 
  • Click on the links provided in the alert email and be taken directly to the article citation you wish to view.
  • If EBSCO does not contain full-text of an article you want, contact the TMA Knowledge Center.  

3.  If you would like instructions for setting up an alert under your own EBSCO account (accessible from the TMA e-resources page), please contact Barbara Tims at (512) 370-1548 or Barbara Tims.   

To unsubscribe:
To unsubscribe, email with your name, email address, name of alerts you wish to unsubscribe to, and the text "unsubscribe" in the subject line.  


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