260.015 Firearms


Firearms: The Texas Medical Association recognizes gun violence as a public health issue requiring the promotion of evidence-based strategies in Texas. Medical professional organizations should speak out about the prevention of firearm-related injuries and deaths, and TMA calls on physicians to support: (a) The primary prevention of firearm morbidity and mortality through educating Texans about firearm safety and the potential hazards of firearm ownership, recognizing that physicians have an unencumbered right to inquire of and inform patients and their families about the risks of firearms and in particular the risk to children; (b) Promotion of the Texas Hunter Education and certification program developed by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife; (c) Providing anticipatory guidance in the clinical setting on the dangers of firearm ownership in an informational, nonjudgmental manner, encouraging firearm owners to adhere to best practices for reducing the risk of accidental or intentional injuries or deaths by ensuring firearms are not accessible to children; adolescents; or people with mental, behavioral, or substance use disorders; (d) Strict enforcement of federal and state gun control laws and mandated penalties for crimes committed with a firearm, including illegal possession; (e) The use of trigger locks (such as can be provided by www.projectchildsafe.org) and locked gun cabinets to help prevent unintentional discharge; and (f) Unfettered study of issues involving firearms and public health and safety, and Texas’ participation in national surveillance studies on violence, including intimate partner violence and the impact of mandatory waiting periods for firearm purchases in the United States, to ensure the state has timely, accurate data on firearm-related mortality and morbidity to guide Texas’ public health prevention activities (Res. 28S, p 176, A-93; Substitute CPH Rep. 3-A-08; amended CSPH Rep. 5-A-18; amended CSPH Rep. 1-A-19; amended Res. 308 2021)


Last Updated On

June 28, 2021

Originally Published On

October 07, 2016