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    Texas Medical Association (TMA) physician members have overwhelmingly indicated to us they need help when it comes to health information technology. They specifically want help with electronic health record (EHR) selection.

    TMA has worked diligently with EHR vendors that have a strong presence in the Texas market to bring member physicians an EHR comparison tool of those vendor products. The TMA Council on Practice Management Services and ad hoc Committee on Health Information Technology felt that a comparison tool would best serve TMA members.  Please note: No EHR vendors are endorsed by the Texas Medical Association. TMA invited the top 9 vendors  as self-reported by Texas physicians and EHR vendors. Not all vendors chose to participate. Our goal is to help members in their efforts to choose the appropriate EHR for their practice. In addition, the tool is intended to help our physicians learn what questions to ask when selecting an EHR.

    The information provided is based upon self-reported answers submitted by the EHR vendors. TMA will work with the vendors to update the information as needed. Please note: The prices provided are simply ranges for those products and they do not necessarily reflect actual final cost.

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  • Side-by-side Summary Comparison

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    View the top questions physicians may want to compare vendors on when selecting an EHR.


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  • EHR Vendor Pricing Comparison

    Although TMA doesn't guarantee pricing figures or complete accuracy at all times, TMA will work with each vendor to update the information as needed so the tool is as dynamic and up-to-date as possible. Please note: The prices provided are simply ranges for those products and they do not necessarily reflect actual final cost. The information below is considered to be proprietary and is meant to be viewed by members only. It should not be shared with other vendors. 

    Solo-physician product pricing comparison (PDF) 

    Two-physician product pricing comparison (PDF)

    Ten-physician product pricing comparison (PDF)  

    These tables represent vendor costs only in an effort to provide a vendor product comparison. Physicians will encounter additional implementation costs. The TMA therefore advises physicians to consider performing a detailed cost analysis to determine their actual EHR implementation costs. These total costs can sometimes exceed 2-3 times the vendor's initial estimate. 

    Common examples of additional costs and options are:

    • Other training costs (computer-based tutorials, hired trainers…)
    • Office staff back fill costs (while staff are in training, assisting with design, development and/or implementation)
    • Temporary labor (initial EHR data entry, scanning the paper-based medical records)
    • Self-service kiosks including software and services (Note:  some EHR vendors provide this at an additional cost)
    • Temporarily reduced income (reduced schedule at EHR go-live; amount is variable and dependent primarily on the practice and EHR functionalities installed)
    • Office construction and furniture (shelves, counters, wall mounts, power outlets, chairs, carts, tables…)
    • Technical upgrade of office infrastructure (i.e. wireless network, upgraded network connectivity)
    • Additional hardware and devices including networking devices, scanners, printers or kiosk devices
    • Consultants or project manager to facilitate the implementation (large practices in particular should strongly consider using a consultant to help manage the EHR selection, implementation and post-implementation phases
    • Other technical services

    The TMA recommends that physicians implement the EHR's practice management system if one is available; alternatively, the EHR should be interfaced to the physician's practice management system in order to optimize their office's workflow.

  • EHR Vendor Profiles

    Each of the links below will take you to a detailed profile of the vendor.

    All of the information was self-reported by each vendor. Please note: No EHR vendors are endorsed by the Texas Medical Association. TMA invited the top 9 vendors  as self-reported by Texas physicians and EHR vendors. Not all vendors chose to participate.


    Allscripts Product Profile




    athenahealth Product Profile



    eClinicalWorks Product Profile



    eMDs Product Profile



    Greenway Product Profile



    NextGen Product Profile

  • Vendor Spotlight


    TMA is proud to offer members free technology contract review services from Coker Group. Evaluations focus on potentially unfavorable terms and conditions with feedback on identified concerns. TMA members are also eligible for a five-percent discount on fees for contract negotiations.

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  • Specialty Links

    To learn more about the EHRs used by members of your specialty, go to their site for information.

    Below are several links to websites that offer EHR evaluation tools. If your specialty is not listed below and they have an EHR evaluation tool, please let us know by e-mailing hit[at]texmed[dot]org or call us at (800) 880-5720.

    American College of Physicians - EHR Partners Program (ACP Members Only)

    AmericanEHR Partners

    For additional information on EHR selection and implementation visit the TMA electronic health records (EHR) webpage or contact the TMA HIT Helpline at (800) 880-5720 or e-mail hit[at]texmed[dot]org.

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