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How do you like the changes we’ve made to TMA publications so far?

Are you enjoying the updated look and livelier content of Texas Medicine magazine?

Do you enjoy receiving timely, relevant news targeted specifically to your email inbox every day?

Did you even notice the Texas Medical Association rolled out a host of changes in January?

No matter how you answered those questions – just please tell me you noticed – we hope you’re finding some value in our efforts to provide you with timelier, more engaging content.

Because we certainly value your input in how we communicate to you and other Texas physicians.

In fact, we value it so much that we’d like your direct input into our communications.

In so many words, we’re inviting you to write for our blog, Blogged Arteries.

Now, the name alone should get you excited. I’ve been here almost a year, and that name never gets old. It’s clever, reasonably funny, and is clearly involved in medicine. 

Hey, that’s a pretty good description of you.

You see, here at TMA, we’ve got a team of great reporters and editors who work every day on stories and issues that are important to physicians. However, nobody on this staff has a medical degree, so we can only write about medicine as an outsider.

But not you.

You are directly involved in the practice of medicine every day. You have stories, opinions, gripes, praises, and insight into medicine that we just don’t have. 

We want to give you an outlet to make your voice heard to more than 51,000 of your colleagues throughout the state.

What should you write about?

Anything related to the practice of medicine. Seriously, that’s it. Almost everything is on the table: insurance hassles, practice management tips, personal stories, legislative issues, the best color to paint a waiting room wall. As long as it’s medicine, we’ll consider it.

Now, obviously, you’ll have to stay HIPAA compliant, and we’d edit stories for things like grammar, style, and overall readability. But don’t let any of that worry you. You just write, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You can’t spell team without TMA, and we’d love to make you part of ours. As a physician, you’re our most important asset and our strongest voice, and we look forward to amplifying it even more.

To submit a blog entry, email your story, any photos, and contact information to Texas Medicine Today editor Dave Doolittle.

PS: If you’d rather write for patients than your fellow physicians, please consider submitting an article for our other blog – Me & My Doctor. Get all the details on our Guest Post page.


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