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Legislative Top 10: Bill Could Protect Patients From Surprise Bills

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Arguably one of the biggest issues Texas lawmakers tackled this session was surprise billing, as they vowed to protect patients from receiving medical bills for care not covered by insurance. 

In today’s Texas Medical Association Legislative Hotline video – the second in our “top 10” series of issues the Texas Legislature addressed – TMA Vice President of Advocacy Darren Whitehurst explains the bill that could solve the problem. 

In the brief video, Mr. Whitehurst describes what physicians need to know about the “baseball-style” arbitration outlined in Senate Bill 1264 that passed this session and is awaiting Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature. Mr. Whitehurst details the guideposts arbiters will use to determine how much doctors will be paid for providing out-of-network care when disputes arise between them and health insurers. (Patients will be absolved from having to initiate the arbitration process.) 

Hear Mr. Whitehurst’s explanation in today’s TMA Legislative Hotline video, and watch for tomorrow’s report on lawmakers’ effort to lessen the burden of prior authorization requirements.