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A Chance For Your Patients to Meet You Face-to-Facebook

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What does Plano psychiatrist Sejal Mehta, MD, do during a regular workday?  

What routines does she regularly perform, and what does she do when she’s not in her practice?

Dr. Mehta, the chair of TMA’s International Medical Graduate section, gave about 6,000 people a look into her daily life Tuesday when she took over the Texas Medical Association (TMA) Facebook page.

Dr. Mehta posted regular updates throughout the day, including her morning routine, staff meetings, and speaking for a TMA Physician Health and Wellness ethics CME course.

Once a month, TMA gives a member physician the opportunity to host its Facebook page. If you or one of your colleagues is interested in hosting the page, send us a direct Facebook message or email Jen Rios at TMA.

Below are some excerpts from Dr. Mehta’s takeover:

Good morning! I’m Dr. Sejal Mehta and I’ll be hosting the TMA Facebook page today. I’m looking forward to sharing a glimpse into my daily routine with you. Just a heads up that I’m a psychiatrist — this means that while there’s never dull moment in my life, there certainly won't be any jazzy pictures of surgeries or procedures. I look forward to getting ready everyday with my morning rituals including Pooja (meditation and prayers) and then some masala chai.  

Mehta 2

I drive more than 100 miles a day, every day. And believe it or not, I love every minute of it. Inspirational speeches, music, and phone calls are part of my daily drive routine. Here I am getting ready to hit the road.

Mehta 4

I feel very privileged to work alongside Dwight Lacy, CEO of Millwood Hospital in Arlington and Robert Bennett, MD, Medical Director at Millwood. Our goal is to provide best possible care to individuals in their most vulnerable times. We are setting the bar very high.  

Mehta 5

This is our treatment team meeting. This is where staff comes together to discuss each case, formulate a treatment plan, create after care plans, and ensure the utmost care is being met. 

Mehta 8

When I get home I like to reach out to my son and daughter, who are both are in college out of state. Seeing them puts a smile on my face. Here is a picture of my family.