• 2015 Legislative Wins

    Cut Red Tape: Saves your practice time and money.

    Health Plans must display directories and formularies on the Internet.

    No more state controlled substance registrations.

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    TMA's Top Priorities

    1. Increase Medicaid physician payments.
    2. Protect physicians' right to bill for their service.
    3. Increase funding for graduate medical education.
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  • Lawmakers Get Head Start on 2017 Health Care Issues

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    The 140 days the Texas Constitution allocates every other year for a state legislative session is never enough time for lawmakers to study and grasp all they need to do with the most complex issues. House and Senate committees use the time between sessions — the interim — to conduct research, hold hearings, and draft bills. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and House Speaker Joe Straus have laid out their interim charges to the committees.

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  • Physician Advocacy Articles

    Bracing for MACRA

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    TMA's Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act Resource Center is poised to equip physicians for the paradigm shift in Medicare payment.

    Good, Bad, or Downright Ugly?  
  • TMA Urges TMB to Withdraw Disciplinary Hearing Rules

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    TMA is not impressed with TMB's proposed new rules concerning informal show compliance proceedings and informal settlement conferences (ISCs). TMA tells TMB the association wants an overhaul of the ISC process to make it more fair and transparent. TMA expresses strong opposition to the proposed rule and states that "instead of allowing the process to become fairer and more transparent, the proposed rule makes ISCs more like a formal administrative hearing without the guaranteed accompanying protections."

    Redefine a More Appropriate and Fair ISC  
  • Texas Creates a Permanent Fund to Sustain Graduate Medical Education

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    In a monumental step forward, the 2015 Texas Legislature created the state's first-ever permanent graduate medical education (GME) fund to expand the physician workforce, and Texas medical educators want to make sure it stays that way.  

    GME Milestone  
  • TMB Addresses Evolving Face of Call Coverage

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    For some time, says Thomas Kim, MD, physicians have considered telemedicine something of a novelty, "a fascination at the periphery of health care that's tolerated." 

    Times and technology are changing, and the high-tech trappings of telehealth are becoming a more popular option for call coverage for busy and often overworked physicians. 

    The Future Calls  
  • TMA Lays Out Balance Billing Plan to Senate Panel

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    Just days after the TMA House of Delegates adopted TMA's plan to preserve physicians' rights to bill for services and protect patients from surprise bills, TMA Council on Legislation Chair Ray Callas, MD, presented it to the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce.

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  • TMA Opposes Independent Nursing Practice in VA System

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    TMA joined more than 75 national specialty societies and state medical associations in voicing their strong opposition to a proposed rule that would allow advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) — nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and clinical nurse specialists — to practice independently within the Veterans Affairs (VA) health system.

    TMA Taking Care of Veterans  
  • Download Release Forms for New Mexico Patients to Sign

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    The passage of House Bill 270 by the New Mexico Legislature allows Texas physicians to obtain a signed agreement from New Mexico patients stating that should they wish to file a lawsuit they will do so in Texas court. To assist physicians in taking advantage of the law's protections, the Texas Alliance for Patient Access has developed two forms, one for emergency treatment and one for voluntary treatment. You can download the emergency treatment and voluntary treatment forms in English and Spanish from the TMA website.

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  • TMA Asks HHSC to Request More Medicaid, Public Health Funds

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    It's that time in the state's two-year budget cycle when state agencies prepare funding requests for the Texas Legislature to consider in next year's session. No agency's budget is more important to physicians than that of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), whose massive portfolio includes the state's Medicaid, public health, mental health, and women's health programs.

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