• TMA: Here for You Since 1853

    • Physicians Caring for Patients

      The Texas Medical Association, the nation’s largest and one of the oldest and most powerful state medical societies, speaks out for more than 48,000 physician and medical student members across the state in our commitment to improve the health of all Texans. In partnership with our 112 county medical societies, we have been helping Texas physicians set high professional and ethical standards since 1853.
  • Helping Physicians Deliver the Best Medical Care to All Texans

    • Healthy Vision 2020: TMA's Vision for the Future Clears Up
      Healthy Vision 2020, our strategic roadmap for TMA's state and federal advocacy initiatives for the remainder of the decade.
    • Legislative Victories
      Most wins in a decade! Texas patients and their physicians won big at the state Capitol. TMA stands united to protect you, your family, and the profession of medicine for generations to come.
    • Every Physician Has a Story -- What's Yours?
      Every Texas physician has a story like this. Texas Medical Association wants to share these stories ... with lawmakers and the public. The power in these stories will help them understand the problems in medicine today and how we hope to solve them. Watch your colleagues share their stories, and learn how you can share your own.
    • America's Best Medical Society?
      The Texas Medical Association may be just that. We took a look at what makes it so dang good. 
    • TMA's 2013 Reform Action Center
      Here’s something Congress can do to make an immediate, positive impact on health care: Eliminate costs and hassles that don’t add value to patient care. New regulations and mandates are bombarding physician practices seemingly every day. Last January, a new electronic format for claims and other electronic transactions (called “HIPAA 5010”) added costs to physician practices. The switch to the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems version 10 (ICD-10) next year will require physicians to adopt an entirely new language to record all possible diagnoses and inpatient procedures, adding significant training costs.
    • Get Involved
      Today's health care system is broken. Unfortunately, you cannot fix it or protect your practice by working more hours and taking care of more patients. The only way for you to effect "real change" is through the legislative process. Here are five easy things you can do for your practice starting today - right at your desk.