• Infectious Diseases

    • Medical Crisis Response

      West Nile virus was rare in Dallas County in the past two years – only two cases were reported. But the summer of 2012, mosquitos carrying the virus unleashed havoc on the area, infecting 341 people and killing 17 by early October. The outbreak mobilized physicians and local officials in a public health response to wipe out the disease-carrying mosquito population.
  • Key Issues

    • Antibiotic Resistance
      Use of antimicrobials over the past 50 years has led microbes to evolve and become resistant to many commonly used antimicrobial drugs. Antimicrobial resistance raises the potential for spreading infectious diseases, making this a significant public health concern.
    • Food Safety
      The CDC estimates that one out of six Americans gets sick from a food-borne illness every year. Most cases go unreported, either because the victim doesn't see a doctor or there is no specific diagnosis. Food-borne infections, however, can cause serious illness and death.
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