TMA 2015 Goals

Vision:  To improve the health of all Texans

Mission:  TMA supports Texas physicians by providing distinctive solutions to the challenges they encounter in the care of patients.

GOAL 1. Viability: Protect, improve, and strengthen the viability of medical practices in Texas.


  1. Ensure that Texas physicians receive timely and equitable payment for medical services provided.
  2. Provide cost-effective solutions to improve all aspects of practice management operations.
  3. Increase Texas physicians' understanding, adoption, and appropriate utilization of vital information technologies, to support efficiency, efficacy, and quality-of-care measurement.

GOAL 2. Environment : Ensure continued success in legislative, regulatory, and legal interventions to enhance the statewide environment in which Texas physicians practice medicine.


  1. Develop and implement public and private sector strategies promoting sustainable health care financing and delivery systems to improve access to health care.
  2. Promote patient-centered, cost-efficient, physician-directed systems of care.
  3. Support a Texas-specific strategy to address growing physician demand.

GOAL 3. Trusted Leader: Strengthen physicians' trusted leadership role within their communities.


  1. Enhance the public image of TMA-member physicians.
  2. Provide practice-based materials to improve effectiveness and awareness of public health initiatives through the patient-physician relationship.
  3. Reinforce the physician's role as the leader of the health care team.
  4. Uphold physician professionalism.

GOAL 4. One Voice: Enhance the powerful, effective, and unified voice of Texas medicine.


  1. Ensure a powerful voice through growth in membership and member involvement and the ongoing financial health of the association.
  2. Promote an effective voice through leadership development, active governance structures, and disciplined message development and dissemination.
  3. Demonstrate a unified voice by strengthening relationships and strategic alliances within and without the federation of medicine. 

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