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June 26, 2015, Issue of TMA Practice E-Tips 

TMB: More Must-Haves for Medical Records
The Texas Medical Board updated its medical records rule to reflect today’s use of electronic health records and forms of communication. These changes took effect May 20, 2015.

Pay Attention to ICD-10’s Seventh Character
The use of a seventh character is something new that comes with ICD-10 coding. Here’s a quick look at what it is and how it works.

Why You Should Conduct Background Checks
Starbucks does it. The company routinely conducts a background check when it makes a tentative job offer to any candidate for employment. Medical practices should do so, too.

Private Payer Roundup, June 2015
In case you missed these — here is a roundup of useful items from health care payment plans’ newsletters and updates, compiled by TMA’s reimbursement specialists. Find out about medical, pharmacy, and payment policy changes, get ICD-10 news, and more.

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