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Texas Medicine is published monthly by the Texas Medical Association. Copyright 2014 Texas Medical Association.

Subscription rates are, for members, $20 per year; for nonmembers and institutions, $40 per year; and for foreign subscribers, $48 U.S. currency. A single copy is $4 plus 0.32 sales tax. For more information, email the TMA Knowledge Center .

Address changes may be sent to Texas Medicine, 401 W. 15th St., Austin, TX 78701 or emailed.

Texas Medicine Mission Statement

Key Objective  

To improve the health of all Texans by furthering dialogue and understanding within the membership of the Texas Medical Association.

Critical Objectives  

  • To promote integrity in the practice of medicine among Texas physicians.
  • To further the practice of medicine as the artful application of scientific knowledge in the health care of Texans.
  • To ensure that Texas physicians are informed on political, legal, and administrative activities that influence the practice of medicine through the publication of timely, credible, and relevant articles.
  • To enhance the character and reputation of Texas physicians through the promotion of professionalism, advocacy, and service.
  • To enhance the desirability of membership in the Texas Medical Association.  

 Texas Medicine Editorial Board

John C. Jennings, MD, League City
John J. Costanzi, MD, Austin
Gordon Green, MD, Dallas
John R. Pettigrove, Corpus Christi
Alina Saldarriaga, MD, Houston 
Charlotte H. Smith, MD, Austin
Surendra K. Varma, MD, Lubbock  
Alexis Wiesenthal, MD, San Antonio  

Vice President, TMA Communications

Steve Levine  

Texas Medicine Editorial Staff  

Crystal Zuzek, Editor
Shari Henson, Managing Editor 
Amy Lynn Sorrel, Associate Editor 
Lynn M. Alperin, Clinical Articles Editor 
Debra Heater, Editorial Assistant
Lauren Levi, Art Director

Texas Medicine Advertising Staff  

Rebecca Stevens, Director

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