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      First Tuesdays at the Capitol

      The "White Coat Invasion" has been the key to physicians' successes in the Texas legislature since the inception of First Tuesdays at the Capitol in 2003. Our senators and representatives listen when their hometown doctors appear in their offices. Our influence is so much greater when physicians and alliance members arrive en masse in the House and Senate galleries. It's time again to bring out Texas medicine's strongest weapon. Read More

    Upcoming Events

      One Day Only: May 8! Commit to ComplianceThe laws are many and complicated, and constant regulations and standards changes dictate periodic review of policies and procedures. The consequences for a single violation can be high. A formal, written compliance plan is the only way to stay on top of it all. In fact, some laws — like HIPAA Security and Medicare fraud and abuse — require it.
      Physician Resilience: Bouncing Back From the Pressures of MedicineLearn how to self-monitor for states of stress and burnout and implement mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques for your well-being and that of your patients. This workshop will teach appreciative inquiry 4D cycle techniques to utilize during self-appraisal. Attendees will learn resilience strategies for maintaining work-life balance.


    Medicare 2015

    Feb. 3 - Feb. 25, Statewide

    Value-based purchasing for some practices will begin in 2015, and there is no turning back. Use code EPROMO to receive an additional $20 off.

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