Standing Up for Texas Doctors

TMA Says Future Medicare Requirements Are Wasteful, CostlyTMA  is "very concerned that many of the compliance, documentation, and reporting requirements that will be implemented in the future Medicare system are wasteful, costly, and do little or nothing to improve care quality or increase efficiency," TMA President Tom Garcia, MD, told CMS. "The requirements and incentives may even have the counterproductive effect of reducing access to good ambulatory care for some or all Medicare beneficiaries."
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Meaningful Use? Or Meaningless AbuseTMA President Tom Garcia, MD, is calling on the U.S. Congress to lift "convoluted and tedious" federal Meaningful Use regulations that interfere with patient care. "No federal program ever bore a more inaccurate name than ‘Meaningful Use,' " he said. "It’s no surprise that physicians around the country have begun calling it 'Meaningless Abuse.' "
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TMA Calls Out Insurance Companies Over Balance BillingThe national health insurance lobby and their cronies in the Texas Association of Health Plans released their annual "report" citing physicians for what they called "exorbitant" bills for out-of-network services. "This so-called report is nothing more than a desperate smoke screen to divert attention from the real problem," said TMA President Tom Garcia, MD.
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ER Docs Still Hoping for Authority to Detain Dangerous PatientsChris Ziebell, MD, says emergency physicians generally find a way to hold dangerous patients until they can get law enforcement or a judge involved. "I would rather defend that in front of a jury and say, 'Did you really want me to let this person go?' as opposed to trying to defend myself from the thing that's going to happen if that person goes out and shoots up a school or something like that," he said. A clear law would be even better.

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ICD-10 Code Search ToolTo help with the transition to ICD-10, TMA is offering member physicians in solo practices and 100-percent physician membership groups of any size free access to a powerful new ICD-10 code search tool offered by e-MDs. A $1,250 savings for members!
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Take Advantage of Practice Help ResourcesMembers get access to education, tools, payment assistance, and discounted practice consulting services to keep you up to date in the changing health care environment.
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Get Discounts on CMEThe TMA Education Center offers members convenient, on-demand access to more than 100 quality CME courses and programming. TMA members and their staff also enjoy discounts on all CME.

The Information Texas Doctors Need

  • Hydrocodone Switch

    We answer your top questions about the DEA move to reclassify drugs that contain hydrocodone combinations from Schedule III to Schedule II. READ MORE
  • Deadlines for Doctors

    Between caring for patients, insurance company demands, government regulations, and the latest medical technology, there are never enough hours in a day. TMA's Deadlines for Doctors gives you and your staff a big-picture view of upcoming state and federal compliance timelines. READ MORE
  • Spotlight

    Help Navigating New Medicare Requirements
    Physicians looking for free help navigating the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requirements for the PQRS, meaningful use, and value-based payment modifier programs can benefit from three networks from the TMF Quality Innovation Network Quality Improvement Organization. The networks, focused on immunizations, behavioral health, and value-based improvements, are free and designed to help physicians benefit from — and not be penalized by — the Medicare mandates. READ MORE

Education & Events

  • New Live Seminar

    Medicare Now and Tomorrow
    Nov. 3 - Dec. 3, Statewide

    SGR is gone, now what? No one is exempt from the move toward value-based payment systems. This seminar will help you form short- and long-term strategies. Register now to save your seat.

  • 2015 TMA Advocacy Retreat

    Dec. 4 - 5, Austin
    Join other physician leaders from around the state as we gather to recap the 84th Texas Legislative Session and discuss the future of Texas health care. Register today.


    Essentials in ICD-10 Coding
    This webcast dives into the ICD-10-CM code set and delivers a deeper understanding for practice staff who touch diagnosis data – managers, billers, coders, front desk, and clinical staff. Receive detailed answers to your ICD-10 questions and gain confidence in working with these codes.

  • TMA Winter Conference

    Jan. 29-30, Austin
    Join your colleagues at the Hyatt Regency Austin for the 2016 TMA Winter Conference. General session programming is under development. In the meantime, make your hotel reservation early.