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  • hydrocodone

    Guidance on Prescribing Schedule II Hydrocodone Products

    Over TMA's objections, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) last month published a final rule in the Federal Register reclassifying drugs that contain hydrocodone combinations from Schedule III to Schedule II. The change will take effect Oct. 6. Read More

Advocacy Articles

  • Scope of Practice
    Dentists Widen Scope, Nurses Withdraw RulesThanks to opposition from TMA and other organizations, the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) has withdrawn proposed rules that would have allowed advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to make medical diagnoses. TMA works continually to promote patient safety and physicians' role as leaders in the health care delivery team.
  • Veterans
    Physicians Step Up Amid VA CrisisAs Congress and the embattled U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) work to resolve overwhelming backlogs in medical care for the nation's veterans, the Texas Medical Association and physicians across the state are enlisting to stand in the gap and help alleviate the documented access-to-care problems.
  • Taxes
    Tax FraudA nationwide identity theft scheme is targeting physicians and leaving the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds. As of June, more than 100 TMA members notified the association someone had stolen their Social Security numbers and attempted to claim their tax refunds.
  • Legal
    Virtual Kidnappers Target Texas PhysiciansTMA wants to alert you about a disturbing development that hit the family of medicine in the past several weeks. On separate occasions, individuals contacted physicians in San Antonio, El Paso, and Corpus Christi and claimed to have kidnapped the doctor’s child with the intent to extort money from the physician.
  • Texas Medicine
    TMA-Backed Law Prompts Medicaid Red-Tape ReliefApparently, the state got the message loud and clear: Physicians and patients are overly frustrated with the myriad administrative roadblocks that came along with the expansion of Medicaid managed care in Texas. Thanks to the Texas Medical Association's advocacy during the 2013 legislative session and the successful passage of Senate Bill 1150, relief from red tape may finally be in sight.
  • Hospital Medical Staff
    CMS Opts Not to Delay Medical Staff RegsIn a formal comment letter to the CMS, the TMA, the AMA, and more than 80 other medical societies urged the agency to give hospital medical staffs more time to study and prepare to implement a new rule that makes "unprecedented changes to the Medicare hospital Conditions of Participation (CoPs) that will dramatically alter the make-up and efficacy of hospital medical staffs nationwide."
  • Public Health
    Tropical Diseases on the Rise in TexasHot, humid locations like Southeast Texas provide the perfect environment for the spread of viruses travelers typically bring back to the United States after a trip to the tropics.
  • Medicare
    Price Transparency Efforts Target PhysiciansAs governments and employers look for ways to curb growing health care costs, and as patients bear a higher share of their medical bills, policymakers in Texas and beyond increasingly target physicians in their efforts to unveil health care prices. They couch such "price transparency" as a way to help patients make more informed health care decisions.
  • Health System Reform
    ACA Exchange Plans: Q&A for Texas PhysiciansConfused by all you've heard about the Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance plans? Do you know whether you're in — or out — of the narrow networks? How will you tell if a patient is on an exchange plan? What happens to you if patients don't make their premium payments? What, if anything, can you do about all of this? TMA answers these and other tough marketplace exchange questions. MembersOnlyRed

Texas Legislature

TMA's Legislative Report Card

Most wins in a decade! Texas patients and their physicians won big at the state Capitol. Read More