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    AMA Wants Significant Changes to RAC Audits

    The American Medical Association cites "bounty hunter-like tactics" and a two-year backlog of Medicare and Medicaid appeals in a letter urging the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to make significant changes to the Recovery Audit Program (RAC). Read More

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  • Legal
    High Court Upholds 10-year Cutoff for Lawsuits Involving MinorsSince the Texas Legislature passed the Tort Reform Act of 2003, physicians in the state have practiced without the constant fear of frivolous medical liability lawsuits brought by personal injury trials lawyers looking for a hefty paycheck. A recent court ruling upheld a provision in the law that bars patients from bringing lawsuits more than a decade after the alleged event. The ruling also clarifies liability protections for obstetricians.
  • Medicaid
    TMA Supports OIG Improvements, Stronger Medicaid HMO OversightJohn Holcomb, MD, a San Antonio pulmonologist and chair of TMA's Select Committee on Medicaid, CHIP, and the Uninsured, testified at the Sunset Advisory Commission last month on proposed changes to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). On behalf of TMA and four other organizations, Dr. Holcomb testified on concerns with Medicaid HMOs and the HHSC Office of Inspector General (OIG). Comments touched on public health matters, as well.
  • Public Health
    Physicians Volunteer to Care for Young and Old Crossing the BorderAfter traveling hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles, Central American children poured into Texas this summer in search of a better way of life. Some were lucky enough to have a parent or older sibling with them; many made the journey alone.
  • Legal
    Guidance on Prescribing Schedule II Hydrocodone ProductsOver TMA's objections, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) last month published a final rule in the Federal Register reclassifying drugs that contain hydrocodone combinations from Schedule III to Schedule II.
  • Health System Reform
    ACA Exchange Plans: Q&A for Texas PhysiciansUpdated: December 2014. Confused by all you've heard about the Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance plans? Do you know whether you're in — or out — of the narrow networks? How will you tell if a patient is on an exchange plan? What happens to you if patients don't make their premium payments? What, if anything, can you do about all of this? TMA answers these and other tough marketplace exchange questions. MembersOnlyRed

Special Report

Healthy Vision 2020

The fields of engagement — the Texas Legislature, U.S. Congress, courts, state and federal bureaucracies — are many. The issues are all-encompassing. But TMA’s approach is clear in this second edition. Read More