Healthy Vision 2020 

Healthy Vision 2020, our strategic roadmap for TMA's state and federal advocacy initiatives for the remainder of the decade.

TMA Advocacy for Patients and Physicians

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    Congress Patches SGR, Delays ICD-10

    Congress has done it again. For the 17th time, lawmakers slapped yet another Band-Aid on Medicare to stave off a 24-percent physician payment cut under the fatally flawed Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula. It sets the next SGR cliff for April 1, 2015. Read More

Advocacy Articles

  • Health System Reform
    The ACA Marketplace: It's a MessSeveral months into the launch of the Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace, Texas physicians still find themselves mired in a land of confusion.
  • Immunization
    Battling Texas' Low HPV Vaccination RatePhysicians face major hurdles in administering a vaccine that protects against human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers. Cervical, genital, and head and neck cancers are preventable, but physicians say the stigma surrounding the vaccine, its high cost, and its voluntary status are keeping vaccination rates in Texas low.
  • Legal
    Aetna Seeks to Axe $120M Ingenix Class Settlement
    Late last year, Aetna Inc. announced a proposed class settlement of up to $120 million over its use of the flawed Ingenix database. The settlement covered physicians and health care professionals who delivered out-of-network services to Aetna subscribers any time between June 3, 2003, and Aug. 30, 2013, and received less than the billed charge.
  • Health System Reform
    TMA Wants Stronger Grace Period NotificationCMS should require insurers who offer health plans on the Affordable Care Act exchanges to provide immediate notice when patients enter the first month of the 90-day grace period. That's what the TMA, the AMA, and more than 80 state medical societies and specialty organizations told CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner in a letter.
  • Scope of Practice
    TMA Opposes Audiology Scope ExpansionAudiologists lack the "medical training necessary to perform the same duties as physicians" and aren't able to "provide patients with the medical diagnosis and treatment options they require." 
  • Medicare
    CMS Proposes New Medicare Advantage Network Rules
    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced it is considering new rules aimed at safeguarding Medicare Advantage enrollees when health plans significantly reduce their physician networks. 
  • Health System Reform
    ACA Exchange Plans: Q&A for Texas PhysiciansConfused by all you've heard about the Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance plans? Do you know whether you're in — or out — of the narrow networks? How will you tell if a patient is on an exchange plan? What happens to you if patients don't make their premium payments? What, if anything, can you do about all of this? TMA answers these and other tough marketplace exchange questions.
  • Legal
    Supreme Court to Review Antitrust Enforcement CaseThe U.S. Supreme Court announced March 3 that it will decide whether a federal agency can second-guess the work of state medical licensure boards.
  • "Hey, Doc"
    Answers to Questions About the New Health Insurance Marketplace
    TMA’s “Hey, Doc” educational campaign will provide objective and nonpartisan answers to your most frequently asked questions about the new ACA health insurance marketplace. We want to ensure all Texans understand what the marketplace does and what steps they need to take. 

Texas Legislature

TMA's Legislative Report Card

Most wins in a decade! Texas patients and their physicians won big at the state Capitol. Read More