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    It’s Time to Knock Out the SGR

    We’ve finally got Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula on the ropes. Let’s deliver the knockout punch right now. Right now — today … this weekend — is the time to strike. The basic message is this: Your representative and every other Texan in Congress have promised us they want to repeal Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate formula. We expect them to make good on that promise. Read More

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    First Tuesdays at the CapitolThe "White Coat Invasion" is almost over. Get involved before it's too late. Just two First Tuesdays at the Capitol left in the 2015 legislative session. Be a lobbyist for a day -- for your practice, for your patients, for your profession. Our senators and representatives listen when their hometown doctors appear in their offices. Be part of Texas medicine's strongest weapon - April 7 or May 5.
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    TMA Asks Feds to Avert ICD-10 CalamityDescribing the Oct. 1 mandatory transition to ICD-10 as a "potential calamity," TMA President Austin King, MD, asked the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to consider some moves that would make the transition less risky for physicians and patients.
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    CMS Rebuffs TMA's Request to Drop Coercive MU MeasuresThe size of your next Medicare check could very well rest on whether you can get enough of your patients to email you; federal regulators believe that's a sensible way to evaluate your meaningful use (MU) progress. In fact, if you can't get more than 5 percent of your patients to send a "secure message using certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT)," you'll not only lose eligibility for incentive pay, you'll also be penalized.
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    Tax Relief, Medicaid Primary Care Pay Bump in Sight, Scope in CrosshairsAs hearings get under way and lawmakers scramble to fashion a budget at the halfway mark of the 2015 legislative session, graduate medical education (GME) funding and tax relief remain a focal point for the legislature, and the House of Medicine has made early progress on both fronts. Lawmakers also heard TMA's call to reinstate the Medicaid-Medicare parity payments for primary care.
  • Licensure
    The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact: Quick FactsConfused about the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact? Learn what the implementing legislation (Senate Bill 190 and House Bill 661) does and doesn’t do.
  • Health Insurance
    The Truth About Balance BillingA pair of newly developed TMA resources examine how insurance plans' network designs and payment decisions are leaving many Texans with "surprise bills" for health care services.
  • Medicare
    Feds Delay Final Medicare Overpayment RuleThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced last week it needs another year to finalize rules on reporting and returning Medicare overpayments. First issued three years ago to implement parts of the Affordable Care Act, the proposed rule (better known as the 60-day rule) requires physicians and other health care providers to report and refund overpayments within 60 days from the date the overpayment is identified or the date the corresponding cost report is due.
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    Accessing Texas' Public Mental Health SystemThere are many reasons why discussion of mental illness and its treatment may be cursory in primary care and in emergency situations. In many cases, the likely culprit in the muted discussion is the difficulty in accessing mental health care.
  • Health System Reform
    ACA Exchange Plans: Q&A for Texas PhysiciansUpdated: December 2014. Confused by all you've heard about the Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance plans? Do you know whether you're in — or out — of the narrow networks? How will you tell if a patient is on an exchange plan? What happens to you if patients don't make their premium payments? What, if anything, can you do about all of this? TMA answers these and other tough marketplace exchange questions. MembersOnlyRed

Special Report

Healthy Vision 2020

The fields of engagement — the Texas Legislature, U.S. Congress, courts, state and federal bureaucracies — are many. The issues are all-encompassing. But TMA’s approach is clear in this second edition. Read More