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  • TMA is your health and wellness resource outlet. Find resources regarding well-being, dimensions of meaning in work, burnout, stress, work-life integrations, fatigue, mental/emotional quality of life, and physical quality of life.

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  • “Good Communication = Good Relationships = Good Life” ~ Geoffrey Tumlin 

  • Work Wonders

    How often do you share good fortune? Productivity increases in the workplace by as much as 65% when teams are happy. Take a minute to celebrate the little things, and choose to be optimistic. Take control of you work-life balance.


  • Strength of Mind

    How do you let go of your emotional touchpoints? Discover what lights you up and what turns you off.


    Body of Evidence

    Are you optimizing your wellness? Give your body the fuel it needs to sustain.

  • An Atmosphere of Support

    How do you curate supportive connections? Open the toolkit and learn to shape the ideal community for you.


    Good Fortune

    Are you wealthful? Finding joy in accepting and acknowledging wisdom.

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    Explore the latest Wellness CME in the TMA Education Center, and get involved with the Physician Health and Wellness Exchange – programs are available on-demand and may be scheduled virtually, live.

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