How You Can Help: Donate to TMAF

TMA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that adheres to the code of ethical principles and standards of professional practice set by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Your gift is a charitable contribution and is tax deductible in accordance with federal income tax law. Cash donations may be made to the TMA Foundation by check or credit card. Gifts made through your will or contributions of securities or property also are welcomed. All donations are acknowledged by letter and donors are recognized in the TMAF newsletter. Major donors receive specialized recognition, if desired.

TMA Foundation
401 W. 15th Street
Austin, TX 78701
or call (800) 880-1300, ext. 1664 or (512) 370-1664.

Gifts to TMA Foundation may be:  

  • Unrestricted/Greatest Need- this means that the contribution will be used at the direction of the foundation board of trustees to support programs and/or foundation activities.  
  • Restricted- this means that the donor has specified that the contribution 1) be used to support a particular program that the foundation funds (current programs funded ); 2) become part of a particular fund of the foundation; or 3) be used to establish an endowment at $25,000 or more that will support a program or general area approved by the donor and the TMAF Board.

Annual Campaign  

Each year we invite you to participate in TMA Foundation's Annual Campaign, the life-blood of the foundation. This campaign seeks to raise primarily unrestricted (or greatest need) contributions to help support programs, fund-raising activities and other programs that advance the mission of TMAF. When considering your charities of choice, we hope you'll have TMA Foundation among your top choices. Taking care of Texas is no easy task and your contribution, any time of the year, is greatly appreciated. Donors, as well as TMA and TMAA members who are not donors, receive monthly emails from the Foundation with news and information and an opportunity to donate securely online. Each summer, donors are invited via email and by mail to join the TMAF Leadership Society (described below). And in the early fall, donors receive special emails and letters requesting their consideration to make a tax-deductible, year-end gift.

Components of the annual campaign are listed here:

  • Pulse Donors have established recurring donations to fund programs that not only reach more Texans now, but also enable TMAF to plan for program expansions or new programming.
  • The Leadership Society is comprised of an exclusive group - individual donors who make annual donations totaling $1,000 or more. This annual giving club runs on a September-August basis.  Donors may join at any time throughout the year and renewals take place each fall. Members receive special benefits, including insider reports on TMA Foundation activities.
  •  Memorial and Tribute Giving Program : The Memorial and Tribute Giving Program is a way to honor or remember a cherished colleague, teacher, friend, family member or patient. A tribute is also a thoughtful way to say thank you to a colleague or institution at holiday time. Your tax-deductible gift will be acknowledged, and the honoree or family members will be informed of your thoughtfulness. Special Holiday Tributes may be made in November and December.
  •  Annual Gala Each year the foundation hosts a gala during TMA's TexMed. The theme and entertainment change yearly, but it has become a customary annual event for many who attend TMA's annual meeting. Individuals and organizations can purchase tickets or tables, make a donation to underwrite costs, donate to the silent auction or become a sponsor of the benefit. Proceeds support the work of TMAF. 

 Major and Planned Gifts  

Major Gifts
Major gifts (i.e., cash, pledges, or gifts of property or securities) and planned gifts (such as wills, trusts, or insurance policies) can best be discussed with your attorney. You will need to have our legal name which is Texas Medical Association Foundation. 

Named Endowment Opportunity  

Endowments are a way to create an enduring fund in your name or that of someone you choose to honor or memorialize.  Endowments may be established with a gift of $25,000 or more.  The gift is invested, and its earnings are used to support the purpose you have designated for the fund.  Because the principal is never spent, permanent endowments continue in perpetuity.  Your endowment may be unrestricted or you may choose to restrict it to a specific program or program area.  Individual donors who create endowments will be recognized on the donor display at the appropriate level.

TMAF's 21 st Century Society  

TMA Foundation can serve Texans in need through the next century and beyond by making a contribution through your will. Providing a gift in this way makes you a member of TMAF's 21st Century Society.


TMAF has several funds to which donors may wish to direct their gift.

  • Unrestricted Fund
    This fund is used primarily to fund programs and to support the work of TMAF. Income comes from unrestricted gifts including donations to the annual benefit plus contributions from direct mail solicitations and memorials and tributes. Other income is from investments and other gifts. 

TMAF's Medical Community Grants normally are funded through the Unrestricted Fund. These are proactive, public health partnership programs developed by county medical societies, county alliances, or medical student chapters of TMA. Applicants apply to TMAF for funds through an RFP issued by the foundation. Your contributions help community efforts meet community needs. Read about the Community Grants Program

  • Legacy of Caring Endowment
    This fund was established through the generous contributions of physicians, their spouses and other individuals who believed that through a philanthropic component of TMA, physicians could make a lasting difference in the health of Texans. Investment income from this fund is used only to make grants in support of TMAF's mission.
  • General Endowment
    As a part of the TMAF strategic plan, a top objective is to achieve greater self-sufficiency from TMA funding for operations while working to ensure future viability.  Approved in November 1997, the General Endowment is for future programs and operations. This fund is designed to give the board flexibility to utilize "ordinary income" (interest and dividends) where needs exists. In addition, at the discretion of the board, some ordinary income can be added to the principal and ordinary income not spent can be carried over for use in the following year. The intent is to give the foundation board flexibility while maintaining careful stewardship that will grow the fund. This includes the rule that contributions and allocations cannot be spent, only investment earnings. The principal always will be protected.
  • Ernest and Sarah Butler Endowment for the Recognition of Excellence in Science Teaching
    This endowment provides funding towards the annual program that recognizes outstanding science teachers, the TMA's Ernest and Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching program. In its effort to promote science and science education, TMA acknowledges the valuable contribution teachers make to the future by seeking out innovative, effective science teachers at the elementary, middle and high school levels across Texas.


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June 27, 2019

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March 23, 2010