Individuals Who Donated in 2019

 Thank you to all individual donors who contributed in 2019 and created a Healthy Now and a Healthy Future for more Texans (levels recognize all gifts made in 2019).
See a list of our valued institutional donors.

Dr. & Mrs. Ernest C. Butler

Roberto J. Bayardo, MD

Austin King, MD

Drs. Nick and Leena Shroff

Mark J. Kubala, MD
Lee Ann Pearse, MD and Mr. Einar Vagnes
Dr. Susan M. Pike and Dr. Harry T. Papaconstantinou


Bohn and Ann Allen
Teresa Irwin, MD
Gregory R. Johnson, MD, SFHM
Russell Kohl MD
Beatirz A. Parra, MD
Charlotte Stelly-Seitz, MD and Mr. Bill Seitz
Susan M. Strate, MD


Sam Barbee
Carlos J. Cardenas, MD
Dr. A. Clay Cessna and Mr. Jeffrey Harrison
Baldemar Covarrubias, MD
Carrie De Moor, MD and Rudy De Moor
Dr. David and Angela Donahue
Diana Fite, MD
David and Jamie Fleeger
Dr. and Mrs. Norman D. Fry
R. Moss Hampton and Denise Hampton
Dr. Bill and Joann Hinchey
Drs. Isabel V. and J. Russell Hoverman
Cynthia Jumper, MD and Dr. Reid Norman
Dr. and Mrs. Russell WH Kridel
Dr. Bruce and Libby Malone
Dr. Jake and Sunshine Moore
Carla Ortique, MD and Morris Overstreet
Linda and Les Secrest
Courtney Williams, MD


Louis M. Alpern, MD
Dr. Charles and Terri Andrews
Sue and Charles W. Bailey Jr., MD
C. Enrique Batres, MD
Alan C. Baum, MD
Michelle A. Berger, MD & David N. Tobey Jr., MD
Drs. Louise and Henry Bethea
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Brotherton
C. Y. Joseph Chang, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Chantilis
Dr. and Mrs. Doug Curran
Larry C. Driver, MD
Robert H. Emmick, Jr., MD
Bryan Eppstein
Deborah A. Fuller, MD
Bernard M. Gerber, MD
Curtis Eric Grey, MD
Jed Grisel, MD
Dr. Robert and Maya Gross
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Gunby, Jr.
Dr. Steven and Dr. Leslie Haber
Tom B. Hancher, MD
Steven R. Hays, MD
Khushalani Foundation
David Landry
Craig B. Lankford, MD
Robert A. MacLean, MD
Sejal Mehta, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Moy
Kathrine and Jerry A. Newton, MD
Craig and Dana Norman
Florence Nwagwu, MD
Drs. Vasantha and Morris Orocofsky
Drs. Mary Dale Peterson and Rafael Coutin
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Pickell
Jeff Pinnow, MD
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Debbie Pitts
Drs. Linda G. and James A. Prentice
Dr. John and Lisa Queralt
Drs. Rajam and Somayaji Ramamurthy
Angela Rechichi, MD
Kim Rice, MD
Dr. Steve and Sharon Robinson
Regina Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Charli Rohack
Dr. and Mrs. Jayesh Shah
Dr. Rick Snyder and Dr. Shelley Hall
Michael E. Speer, MD
Lisa Louise Swanson, MD
Albert G. Tesoriero, MD
Dr. Daniel and Martha Vijjeswarapu
E. Linda Villarreal, MD
Dr. Arlo Weltge and Dr. Janet Macheledt
Dr. Chad and Mrs. Amy Whited
Josie R. Williams, MD, MMM, CPE


Steve Ahmed, MD and Ms. Lucy Raymond
Joseph Annis, MD
Doug and Susan Rudd Bailey, MD
Janette K. Bateman, MD
Drs. Keith and Kelly Bourgeois
James G. Brooks Jr., MD
Turner M. Caldwell III, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Chase
Dr. and Mrs. Fred F. Ciarochi
Dr. and Mrs. Brett Cochrum
John H. Doran, MD, FACP
Lisa L. Ehrlich, MD
Gregory M. Fuller, MD
A. Tomas Garcia III, MD
Angela Fulgham Gardner, MD
Melissa J. Garretson, MD
Diane Finch Grant
Dr. T. David and Mrs. Lea Ann Greer
Shannon Hancher-Hodges, MD
Drs. Madeline and Bill Harford
Dr. and Mrs. Harris M. Hauser
Michelle M. Hebert, MD
Mary Love (Bitsy) Henderson and Sid Mallory
Pat and Paul Kitchens
Judy Koehl
Megan Kressin, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Lewellyn
Jennifer Hailey Lewis
Paul W. Loeffler, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert McLeroy
Ben Raimer, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Routh
Colin Scott, MD
Raul Sepulveda, MD
Ezequiel Silva, MD
Laurie J. Sutor, MD
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Susan Todd
Leilani Valdes MD
Joseph S. Valenti, MD
Ryan Van Ramshorst, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Winn


Dolores Bailey, DO
Perry Bassett, MD
Karen Batory
Dr. and Mrs. W. Todd Bohannon
Sue Bornstein, MD
Mark A. Casanova, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Chance Conner
Charles E. Cowles, MD
Lilette Daumas, MD
Lenore C. DePagter, DO, MBA
Sandra Dee Dickerson, MD
Dayna Diven, MD
Susan M. Escudier, MD
Gary W. Floyd, MD
Thomas Greider, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Haley
R. Jacobson, MD
Leah H. Jacobson, MD
Drs. Anita and Rainer Khetan
Gwendolyn L. Lavalais, MD and Craig A. Charleston, MD
Aubrey Levitt
Janet Lieto, DO
Dr. and Mrs. Brad Mercer
Dr. Bruce and Mary Meyers
Li-Yu H. Mitchell, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Mohr
Kim Monday, MD
Dr. and Mrs. R. Anthony Moore
Marcial A. Oquendo, MD
Autumn Pruette, MD
Michelle Raji
U. Prabhakar Rao, MD
Vivek Rao, MD
Rachel L. Rucker, MD
William Schleuse, MD and Virginia McDermott
Catherine L. Scholl, MD*
Craig Rubin, MD and Dorothy Sendalbach, MD
Arathi Shah, MD
Harold Leroy Smitson, II, MD
Monique Spillman, MD
Jane O. Stafford, MD
Miguel A. Vazquez
Robert McKinney Wheeler, MD
Barbara Wilson, MD


Pedro Ruben Abanto, MD
Joyce J. Abraham, MD
Jane Farrar Admire, MD
Imtiaz Ahmed, MD
Aruna Akundi, MD
Jennifer M. Almonte-Gonzalez, MD
Deborah M. Ancona-Schultz, MD
Marilyn G. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Angelette
Brent Annear
Kent Anthony, MD
Lynn Azuma, MD
Wendall C. Bauman Jr., MD
Dr. Richard Bercher
Howard Berg, MD
Martin Russel Berk, MD
Carolyn Biebas, MD
Ana L. Blackmon, MD
Mary Bone Adamson, MD
Lindsay Botsford, MD
Antonio Braga, MD
Cynthia Danette Brown, MD
Drs. Cynthia and Linus Brown
Catherine P. Browne, DO
Martha Bruner
Don Paul Bunnell, MD
Meredith A. Byington, MD
Sarah G. Candler, MD
Melchor Pablo Cardenas, MD
Gregg C. Castillo, MD
Alberto Cepeda, MD
Phebe C. Chen, MD
Christopher Chenault, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Tilden Childs
Dr. and Mrs. Del Chumley
Wendy M. Chung, MD, MSPH
Pamela E. Chung, MD
Alan M. Coleman, MD
Terry M. Collier, MD
Shanna Marie Combs, MD
Jack A. Conoley, MD
Martha Coons
Davin D. Cordell, MD
Sandy and Dr. Hugh Bob Currie
Yuemeng Dai, MD
James P. Davis & Martha E. Pugh, MD
Nancy W. Dickey, MD
John D. Doty, MD
Michael Dunn, MD
Charles A. Duncan, MD
Cara Anne East, MD
Mitchell P. Engle, MD
Mark A. Esche, MD
James R. Eskew, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Evans
Frank J. Fasullo, Jr., MD
Jeremy P. Finkelstein, MD
John J. Fraser Jr., MD
Liam M. Fry, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Jan Fuerst
Alfredo Garcia, MD
Harold Gaskill, MD
Amaranath Ghanta, MD
Khalid Aziz Ghazy, MD
Ms. Debbie Giese
Lisa Go, MD and Lucas Wong, MD
Tomas A. Gonzalez, MD
Wayne D. Green, MD
Gerald Q. Greenfield, Jr., MD, PA
Dr. Fernando and Beverly Guerra
Martin G. Guerrero, MD
Jackson D. Hamilton, Jr., MD
Ori Z. Hampel, MD
Courtney Hatcher, MD
Jeannine Hatt, MD
Harold Arthur Heafer, MD
C. Mary Healy, MD
Ralph F. Heaven, MD
Beverlee and Jim Herd, MD
Michael A. Hernandez, MD
Amy M. Hernandez, MD
David Anthony Hnatow, MD
James C. Hoyle Jr., MD
Seema Jabeen, MD
Robert E. Jackson, MD
Krystal L. Jerry, MD
Steven H. Kelder, MPH, PhD
Moses Joshua Keng, Jr., MD
Shane W. Kennedy, MD
Kamal Ghaleb Khalil, MD
Farhan Anwar Khan, MD
Roohi M. Khan, MD
John Kirk, MD
Karanjit S. Kooner, MD
Michelle Kravitz, MD
Michael Krebs, MD
Siegfried Richard Kreis, MD
Ronald R. Kuffel, Jr., MD
Cynthia Marie Kulik, DO
Vijay S. Kusnoor, MD
Ignazio G. La China, MD, PA
Eugene C. Lai, MD
Karen M. Lairmore
Liesel Elizabeth Leedy, MD
Alan and Suan Leshnower
Christopher R. Lockhart, MD
Dr. Ike and Mrs. Patty Loose
Walter Xavier Loyola, MD
Samuel D. Luber, MD
Martha I. Manquero-Butler, MD
Dr. Randall P. Martin
Terrance A. McBurney, MD
John Carl McDonald, DO
M. Dwain McDonald, MD
Jaideep H. Mehta, MD
John T. Melvin, MD
Frederick L. Merian, MD
Thomas Edward Merriman, MD
Wilfred Dean Miller, DO, PA
Shirley A. Molenich, MD
Charles B. Mullins, MD
Timothy D. Nichols, MD
Steven E. Nolan, MD
Michael A. Norman, MD
Paul C. Nowak, MD
Nicole Marie Owens, MD, FAAD
Ricardo Alberto Pacheco Torres, MD
Daksheshkumar R. Parikh, MD
Dr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Parker
Bradford Patt, MD
Elizabeth Kimberli Peck, MD
Colbert R. Perez, MD
Leslie Pidgeon, MD and Mr. Steven Pidgeon
Drs. Penelope and Evan Pivalizza
Cheré Prados
Valen J. Radimecky, MD
Delbert Earl Rainosek, MD
Don Robert Read, MD*
Anand C. Reddy, MD
Jared L. Richardson, MD
Coby Robins, MD
Dr. Elizabeth Roseberry
Matthew Brian Rudolph, DO
David D. Russell, MD
Guillermo A. Saade, MD
Jose Eduardo San Martin, MD
Alberto Santos, DO
Michele P. Sartori, MD
Linda A. Schmalstieg, MD
Rose L. Schneier, MD
Herman J. Schultz, MD
Sammai Sehapayak, MD
Khurram Rafi Shaikh, MD
Drs. Heather and Joseph Shelton
Thomas O. Shelton III, MD
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Shepherd
Irene Skor
Ted L. Slade, MD
Evelyn J. Smiley, MD
Hobert Lee Smith, MD
Susanna C. Spence, MD
Janice Stachowiak, MD
Karen Joyce Stewart, MD
Bernard T. Swift Jr., DO, MPH
Tom Allen Tarkenton, DO
B. L. Temple, MD
Jason V. Terk, MD
Carleton K. Thompson, Jr., MD
James T. Tran, MD
Ann Trentin, MD
Thao Minh Truong, MD
Annie Y. Tsui, DO
Russell C. Vanbiber, III, MD
Cesar Baquiran Velasco, MD
Maria Christina Robles Velasco, MD
Baominh P. Vinh, MD
Michael James Walls, MD
Mark A. Ward, MD
Agnes Ward
Elsie Whitmire
Susan S. Woodward Dyrstad, MD
John B. Wright, MD
John S. Yatsu, MD
Rodney B. Young, MD
Michael A. Zanchi, MD

Up to $99

Nicole Abbott
Oladapo Akinkunmi Abodunde, MD
Ambrose Aboud, MD
Martha Abreu-Macomber, MD
Stephanie C. Abron, MD
Jason L. Acevedo, MD, MBA
Maureen L. Adair, MD
Linda Swan Adkins
Francisco J. Agullo, MD
Ryan W. Ahern, MD
Anisa Ahmed, MD
Nuzhat F. Ahmed, MD
Akintoluwa Anthony Akinjaiyeju, MD
Gerald Joseph Akpassa, MD
Brent Alford, MD
Basit Bob Ali, DO
Lori Renee Allembaugh, DO
Marian C. Allen, MD
Lisa E. Allen, DO
Hector D. Allende, MD
Valarie Lee Allman, MD
Melanie Alo, MD
Nivea I. Alvarado, MD
Nnewueze Stella Amaechi, MD
Malena M. Amato, MD
Nuzha A. Amjad, MD
Young C. An, MD
Vikram M. Anand, MD
C. Lynn Anderson, Jr., MD
Christine M. Anderson, MD
Mukhtar Anees, MD
Amit Annamaneni, MD
Sadaf Anwar, MD
Faizunnisa Anwar, MD
Mario Rudy Anzaldua, MD
Louis W. Apostolakis, MD
Louis P. Appel, MD
Sonia L. Arias, MD
Vamsi K. Aribindi, MD
Sahar Arif, MD
Jude M. Aririguzo, MD
Richard Graves Arms, III, MD
Julian E. Armstrong, MD
Ronald Joseph Aronoff, MD
Deepika Arora, MD
Adil Asaduddin, MD
Akber M. Ashraf, MD
Adrienne Wendy Askew, MD
Jack Charles Askins, MD
David E. Auer, MD
Anissa G. August, MD
Tony Aventa, MD
Staton L. Awtrey, MD
Sameh Aziz, MD
Russell Warren Bach, MD
Violeta Tamara Baddour, MD
Richard Lynn Baker, MD
Subramaniam Balachandran, MD, PA
Ichabod Lafayette Balkcom, MD
Abimbola Michael Banjo, MD
Carlos Raul Barcelo, MD
Camilo G. Barcenas, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Barker
J. Martin Barrash, MD
Jose Luis Barrios, MD
Leta and David Barry
Cristina B. Bartis, MD
Robert Lewis Bass, MD
Subhash Chand Batra, MD
Joane G. Baumer, MD
William Earl Bazzell, MD
Valente Antonio Benavides, MD
Luis Manuel Benavides, MD
Raul Benavides, Jr., MD
Mia Benavidez
Olajide Oladele Benson, MD
James J. Bernick, MD
Neerav Jay Bhatla, MD
Nikhil Kiran Bhayani, MD
Rehal A. Bhojani, MD
Subodh Kumar Bhuchar, MD
Dani S. Bidros, MD
Anthony C. Bienek, DO
Mike M. Bismar, MD
Alison Adams Black, MD
David Lawson Blackburn, MD
William O. Blackstone, Jr., MD
Roger S. Blair, MD
Philmore Alexander Blake, MD
Pedro A. Blandon, MD
Maya B. Bledsoe, MD
Susan K. Blue, MD
Joel S. Blumberg, MD
Scott Alan Blumenfeld, MD
Teresa E. Boehm, MD
Byron J. Bohnn, MD
Dr. Brian & Lori Boies
Moheb Nabil Boktor, MD
Harold Lee Bolnick, MD
George Daniel Boone, MD
Nathan Joseph Borden, MD
Fredricka Montague Borland, MD
Brent Wayne Bost, MD
Michele C. Bosworth, MD
Danny L. Bowman, MD
May L. Bowman, MD
Gloria G. Box, MD
Fred B. Brackett, MD
John William Branch, MD
James R. Brand, MD
Heather M. Brandfellner, DO
Beau A. Briese, MD
Edward Neal Brin, MD
Jorge Roberto Brothers, MD
Robert E. Brown, MD
James McFarley Brown, MD
Jeremiah Brown, Jr., MD
Tonya M. Brown-Price, MD
Marguerite Catherine Broyles, DO
Lena R. Bruce, MD
Ernest Dale Buck, MD
L. Maximilian Buja, MD
Nicole Christine Bullock, DO
Scott Alan Burdette, MD
Ryan Daniel Burkart, MD
William Sidney Burkes, MD
Paul Burns, MD
Michael E. Burton, MD
Nicol Corbin Bush, MD
Naga S. Bushan, MD
Karl M. Buttermann, MD
Daniel Wilson Bywaters, MD
Celeste X. Caballero, MD
Aracely Cadena-Garza, MD
William A. Calley, Jr., MD
Darryl S. Camp, MD
Dale Keith Campbell, MD
Marco A. Campos, MD
Robert J. Carpenter, Jr., MD
Bernardo Carpio, MD
Kimberly Carter, MD
Luis E. Castillo, MD
John E. Champion, MD
Yuan-Jiun N. Chao, MD
Jeaneen Antoinette Chappell, MD
Edwin Howard Charnock, MD
Chuong John Chau, MD
Michael Shau-Fung Cheung, MD
Lincoln F. Chin, MD
Carlos E. Chinea, MD
Griengsak Chowpaknam, MD
William T. Christensen, MD
Juanema Christensen
Jennifer G. Christner, MD
Laurence Chu, MD
Christopher Sung Jin Chun, MD
Tony Tuan Chuong, MD
Chelsea I. Clinton, MD
Audra L. Clos, MD
Vaydor Frank Cody, MD, PA
David W. Coghe, MD
Sandra R. Cohan, MD
H. Gene Cohen, MD
Charles Derek Cohn, MD
John F. Cole, DO
Joe L. Cole, MD
Rebecca R. Collins, MD
Cristie Columbus, MD
Kevin P. Comfort, MD
Stuart M. Connell, MD
Angelica Contreras, DO
H. David Cook, MD
Marshall L. Cook, MD
Shannon Eugene Cooke, MD
Richard Scott Cooper, MD
Brett M. Cordes, MD
Jack Locardi Cortese, MD
Claudia C. Cotes, MD
Marshall G. Cothran
Gina R. Cottle, MD
Cody Allen Cox, MD
William Edward Craig, MD
Adam C. Crawford, MD
J. Lauren Crawford, MD
Allan Joseph Cribbins, III, MD
Carolyn D. Crispell, DO
Blake A. Cross, DO
Theresa V. Crouch, MD
Joe H. Cunningham, MD
Mr. and Mrs. John Curtin
Robert Burnell Curtis, MD
Jimmy W. Dailey, MD
Rebecca W. Daley, DO
Thomas O. Dalton, MD
Matthew K. Dang, MD
Tu Xuan Dao, DO
Thuan D. Dao, MD
Paul Walter Daum, MD
N. Alan Davenport, MD
Chris Davies
Lisa Anne Davis, MD
Mark Owen Davis, MD
Anu B. Davis, MD
Fariborz Alan Davoodi, MD
Gustavo Horacio Day, MD
Drs. Michael & Lynne Day
Junior De Freitas, MD
Eugene C. Deal, Jr., MD
Michael Arthur Deck, MD
Douglas C. Decker, MD
Roupen H. Dekmezian, MD
Jose Francisco DeLeon, MD
Linda Jean Delwood, MD
Early B. Denison, MD
Gerardo Alfonso DeSequera, MD
Thomas N. Dewar, MD
Scott D. Dewitz, MD
Gurpreet S. Dhaliwal, MD
Neha V. Dhudshia, MD
Michael Di Iorio, MD
Katherine Diase, MD
Jorge Armando Diaz, MD
Marlene Diaz, MD
D. Lynn Dickens, MD
Roderick P. Diggs, III, MD
Ricca Dimalibot, MD
Ha C. Do, MD
Steven A. Doores, MD
Rebecca L. Dorsett, MD
Richard D. Drake, MD
Beverly A. Dreher, MD
Cristina I. Dumitru, MD
James F. Dunn, MD
Randi E. Durden, MD
Neelofer S. Durrani, MD
Carmel B. Dyer, MD
Peter Allen Dysert, II, MD
Gregory L. Eads, MD
Stephen Edward Earle, MD
Luis G. Echeverri, MD
Delbert L. Edwardson, MD
Mark Carroll Eidson, MD
Volker K. Eisele, MD
Samer Elfallal, DO
Christian Edward Ellis, MD
George William English, MD
Jose Ambrosio Escandon, MD
Anne Marie Eschberger, MD
Juan Manuel Escobar, MD
Eisen J. Espina, MD
Sandra Esquivel, MD
German Roman Esquivel-Vanegas, MD
Rebecca Lee Euwer, MD
James David Evans, MD
Kimberly L. Evans, MD
Oyeyemi A. Fabuyi, MD
Chad D. Fairchild, MD
Leigh A. Falcon, MD
Thomas S. Falvey, III, MD
Harry L. Faust, Jr., DO
Robert Scott Feferman, MD
Arnold and Christina Fenrich
Laura S. Fernandes, MD
Edwin L. Ferren, MD
Troy T. Fiesinger, MD
Richard Ross Finch, DO
George H. Fisher, Jr., MD
Joslyn W. Fisher, MD
Irving J. Fishman, MD
Berry A. Fleming, MD
Stephen Andrew Flores, MD
Alberto Flores, MD
Linda W. Flower, MD
Edmond Nketti Fomunung, MD
Travis Arno Foster, MD
Josephine Rebecca Fowler, MD
Roger N. Fowler, MD
Donald C. Frame, MD
G. Marcus Franklin, MD
Odus Martin Franklin, DO
Sandra G. Frasser, MD
Mark Allan Fredrickson, MD
Lyle Freedman, MD
Donald Carl Freitag, MD
Aaron Haskell Fritts, MD
Danielle M. Fritze, MD
Sheryl Dubois Galt, MD
David G. Galvan, MD
Anthony O. Gambrah-Sampaney, MD
Surekha R. Gangasani, MD
Subroto Gangopadhyay, MD
Gerald M. Garcia, DO
Barbara S. Garcia
Rebecca S. Garcia
Mauricio Daniel Garcia Jacques, MD
Javier Garcia Ruiz De Somocurcio, MD
Felipe A. Garcia-Ghinis, MD, FACOG
Jack David Gardner, MD
Theresa Nguyen Garza, DO
Samuel T. Gatzert, MD
Rocio Elizabeth Gavidia Quezada, MD
Alvin Ray Gebert, MD
John Michael George, MD
Marina George, MD
Albert Lee Gest, DO
Janie Gibson, MD
Caitlin M. Giesler, MD
Craig Allen Gill, MD
Alexandra Jean Gillespie, MD
Richard l. Gillett, MD
Sergio A. Giralt, MD
Christopher J. Glenn, MD
Jonathan Michael Glick, MD
Robert Burnside Goff, MD
Amy Goff
Andrew Gomes, MD
Vicente Gonzalez, MD
Stevan A. Gonzalez, MD
Julian J. Gonzalez, MD
Alejandro B. Gonzalez, MD
Ty Lee Gore, MD
Harry F. Goss, MD
Andrew R. Gottesman, MD
Michael S. Graves, MD
Blanca Lucia Gray, MD
Casey B. Green, MD
Laura Gay Greer, MD
Charles Carter Gregory, DO
Philip E. Greilich, MD
William C. Griffin, DO
Geoffrey A. Groff, MD
Lisa Gross
Minying Gu, MD
Alfredo C. Gueler, MD
Joseph Manuel Guileyardo, MD
Michael Bruce Guillory, MD
Christopher O. Gulley, MD, JD
John F. Gwin, MD
Maurice S. Haddad, MD
Ashley Goodnight Hall, MD
Ammar Halloum, MD
Paul B. Handel, MD
Alton Ben Hankins, Jr., MD
Kevin Robert Hanz, MD
Brian Stanley Harper, MD
Nicholas A. Harrell, MD
Jean Harris
Linda Wahl Harris, MD
Ashley Harrison Choucroun, MD
Michael William Hart, MD
Sarmistha B. Hauger, MD
Michele A. Hauser, MD
Shawn Andrew Hayden, MD
David T. Hayes, MD
John H. Haynes, III, MD
A. Chris Heath, MD
Daniel A. Heimbecker, MD
Robert M. Hein, MD
Beverly Held, MD
Michael E. Hellemn, MD
Joseph Maxwell Hendrix, MD
Jose L. Hernandez, MD
Milton Boyd Herndon, DO
Larry Herrera, MD
David Alan Hester, MD
Mary F. Hewitt, MD
William Loren Hilbert, MD
John O. Hilmi, MD
Brenda D. Hinman McIlroy, DO, MPH
Ralu Hinojos, MD
Lara H. Hochman, MD
Pamela D. Holder, MD
Justin Wayne Holmes, MD
Justin Holmes, MD
Gaylyn June Holstein, MD
Michael Charles Holub, MD
David Paul Hominick, MD
Kevin Sarsfield Hopkins, MD
Donald Wayne Hopkins, DO
Felice H. Howard, MD
Scott Wayne Howell, MD
Lan B. Hua, MD
Philip P. Huang, MD, MPH
Mary Grace Hume
James Humphreys, MD
Keely and Jerry Hunsaker
Michael Steven Hunte, MD
Cathy A. Hurley, MD
Shaista A. Husain, MD
James William Huston, MD
Steven K. Inano, MD
Kristen N. Innes, MD
Peter J. Irwin, MD
John S. Jackson, DO
George Walker Jackson, MD
Roy George Jacob, MD
Tulika Jain, MD
Tracy F. Jakob, MD
Yamuna P. Jaladanki, MD
Karim S. Jamal, MD
Naomi Horowitz James, MD
Harwin B. Jamison, MD
David Lee Janssen, MD
Sylvia Jaramillo, MD
Adam W. Jaster, MD
Joseph Dillon Jenkins, DO
Gary Kimble Jett, MD
Christopher L. Jimenez, MD
Danielle J. Jimenez-Flores, MD
Fredric D. Johnson, MD
Jeff L. Johnson, MD
Pamela L. Johnson, MD
Bryan G. Johnson, MD
Thomas G. Johnson, MD
Gerard Scot Johnson-Gonzalez, MD
Don F. Johnston, MD
Michael Churchill Jones, MD
Richard Robert Jones, MD
Carl R. Jones, DO
Shalita M. Jones, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Jones
Cheryl Jones
Leon Douglas Joplin, DO
Cherrie L. Jose, MD
Rajiv Joseph, MD
Barry Lynn Justice, MD
Michael A. Jutras, MD
Hamid Haroon Kadiwala, MD
Ryan M. Kagan, DO
Bryan Kalil, MD
John Nichalos Kamphaus, MD
Allan Kapilivsky, MD
Najmuddin K. Karimjee, MD
Shalini Katikaneni, MD
Nakizito Kazigo, MD
Konya K. Keeling-Johnson, MD
Stephen Michael Kelly, MD
Richard Joseph Kelly, MD
David C. Kerr, MD
Yvonne Kew, MD, PhD
Muhammad B. Khan, MD
Roger Sunil Khetan, MD
Laurie Genevieve Kilbourn, MD
James M. Killian, MD
Charles Henry Kilpatrick, MD
Thomas Duke Kimbrough, MD
Helen Lynne King, MD
Craig Kent King, MD
Lewis G. King, MD
Kenneth Alfred Kist, MD
Bart D. Klaus, MD
Kevin Wayne Klein, MD
Natasha Kristin Klimas, MD
Victor C. Knopp, Jr., MD
Mark A. Koch, MD
Michelle Z. Koehler, MD
Steven Koerth, MD
Ingrid Kristen Kohlmorgen, MD
Gerald Brian Kolski, MD
Soe-Ni Nicholas Kong, MD
Scott Paul Krall, MD
Kyle G. Krohn, MD
Laura Sue Kromann, MD
Gus W. Krucke, MD
William H. Kubicky
Vipin P. Kuriachan, MD
Peter R. Kvapil, MD
Isaac K. Kwarteng, DO
Cynthia Kwong, MD
Regina F. Kyles, MD
Matthew C. Lambiase, DO
Richard Michael Lampe, MD
Dorothy R. Lamping, MD
Joseph Carver Lampley, DO
Samuel N. Landero, MD
Wilson H. Landers, Jr., MD
Dana Marie Chaney Landry, MD
Alec Bryan Law, MD
Sarah A. Lay, MD
Ngoc-Bich P. Le, MD
Paul H. Le, MD
Jason Marc Lebwohl, MD
Gilbert Ledesma, MD
Ted W. Ledet, MD
Robert Louis Lee, MD
Augustine J. Lee, MD
Tania M. Lee, MD
Wayne A. Lee, MD
Peter D. Leonard, MD
Charles B. Levin, MD
Samuel Edgar Lewis, MD
Barbara Lewis
Jennifer G. Liedtke, MD
Enrique Wilder Linan, MD
Wilbur George Lineback, Jr., MD
John Stuart Lipton, MD
Charita S. Littles, MD
Li-Herng Liu, MD
Keith S. Livingstone, MD
Dan L. Locker, MD
Asa C. Lockhart, MD, MBA
Jose Abraham Lopez, MD
Jose F. Lopez, MD
Dixie A. Louis
Stephen R. Lowry, MD
Diana Herrera Lozano, MD
Philip J. Lubrano, MD
James Phillip Luby, MD
Glynda Williams Lucas, MD
Victor I. Lugo-Miro, MD
Rene I. Luna, MD
Kevin Carl Lunde, MD
John Lung, MD
Robert F. Lutz, III, MD
June Sanders Mabry, MD
Cynthia Anne Mace-Motta, DO
Prasad V. Maddukuri, MD
Mukesh K. Madupur, MD
Patricia A. Maeso, MD
Michael James Majors, MD
Shery Malaty, MD
Alnoor A. Malick, MD
Charles Miles Maliska, MD
Mark T. Malone, MD
Ashley Maltz, MD
Pedro Mancias, MD
Rex Leland Mann, MD
Joseph R. Mansen, MD
David Joseph Mansfield, MD
Michelle C. Marcincuk, MD, FACS
Javier D. Margo, Jr., MD
Ferenc Markos, MD
Richard Alan Marks, MD
Otto J. Marquez-Kerguelen, MD
Charles Allen Marsh, MD
Raymond A. Martin, MD
Andrew J. Martin, MD
David J. Martincheck, MD
Marte A. Martinez, MD
Marcos Martinez, DO
Arlene Cecile Marx, MD
Robert C. Matlock, MD
Joyce E. Mauk, MD
Patricia A. Maxwell, MD
Frank S. Mazza, Jr., MD
Kenneth Wade McBride, MD
Alan James McBride, MD
William G. B. McCallum, MD
G. Duncan McCarroll, MD
Terence Joseph McCarthy, MD
Todd Mason McCarty, MD
Tony S. McClung, MD
William M. McCrady, MD
Kathleen R. McDonald, MD
John E. McDonald, MD
Martin Eugene McGonagle, MD
James P. McGovern, MD
Pamela Y. McGraw, MD
Bridget H. McKeever
Scott D. McMenemy, MD
Thomas H. Meade, MD
Gustavo J. Medellin, MD
Vinit Mehrotra, MD
B. Rai Mehta, MD
Calvin E. Mein, MD
Ralph G. Menard, MD
Eric N. Mendeloff, MD
Victor O. Mendiola, MD
Gwendoline N. Menga, DO
Wesley J. Merritt, MD
Robert G. Michelin
J. Ryan Mikus, MD
Maya Miley, MD
Nola M. Miley
Mark Warren Millard, MD
D. Scott Miller, MD
Brian L. Miller, MD
Patricia Kathleen Miller, MD
Eman Gamil-Fahim Mina, MD
Gladys Irene Minor, MD
Hernan E. Miranda, MD
Aparna Mohan, MD
Binusha Moitheennazima, MD
William L. Mok, MD
Rodolfo Molina, MD
Job B. Mongare, MD
Ricardo A. Montemayor, MD
John Moon, III, MD
R. Alan Moore, Jr., MD
Abdul R. Moosa, MD
Cynthia Hartmann Moran, MD
David Byron Morehead, DO
Susan C. Moreno, DO
Peter B. Morgan, MD
Richard G. Morgan, MD
Hanna M. Morkowski, MD
William E. Morris, Jr., MD, FACP
Tara M. Morrison, MD
Charles Robert Moses, MD
Patricia Teresa Mossburg, MD
Muhammad J. Motiwala, MD
Raafia B. Muhammad, MD
Shraddha Mukerji, MD
Javier Murillo, MD
Gerard Joseph Murphy, MD
Salvador Murra, MD
Matthew M. Murray, MD
TSR Murugan, MD
Raymond Philip Mussett, MD
Eid B. Mustafa, MD
Jyotsna Muttineni, MD
Douglas P. Myers, MD
Rachel Renee Myers, MD
Chang Ryul Myung, MD
Lori M. Naglieri, MD
Osama B. Nahas, MD
Cesar Nahas, MD
Pallavi Nandeeshwar, MD
Nisha Narang, MD
Narayana P. Narayana, MD
Imran S. Nathani, MD
Dr. Tom and Nancy Neal
Celia B. Neavel, MD
Charles R. Neblett, MD
Stephen R. Neece, MD
Linda R. Neely Shelmire, MD
Burlyn Craig Nelon, DO
Shawna Denise Nesbitt, MD
Mark J. Netoskie, MD
Stephen Ralph Neumann, MD
John C. Neumann, MD
Anh Quoc Nguyen, MD
Anson V. Nguyen, MD
Hai K. Nguyen, MD
Wesley S. Nickens, MD
David Christian Nickeson, MD
Karen L. Nielson, MD
Charles Niziol, MD
Mark Raymond Norwid, MD
Ghassan A. Noureddine, MD
Eugene Nunnery, Jr., MD
Schola Amoge Nwachukwu, MD
Ikenna Kingsley Nweke, MD
Ikechukwu John Obih, MD
Stephanie Denise O'Donnell, MD
Brian M. O'Donnell, MD
Kolawole Ademuyiwa Odulaja, MD
Fidel Lopez Ogeda, MD
Jonathan C. Oh, MD
Annette Okai, MD
David Osagie Okumbor, MD
Gaudencio Olgin, Jr., MD
Forrest W. Oliverson, MD
Eric Lawrence Olson, MD
Thomas Joseph O'Neill, Jr., MD
Chukwuemeka L. Oragwu, MD
Antonio Morales Ortega, MD
Mahan Ostadian, DO
Debra M. Osterman, MD
Graves T. Owen, MD
David Paniagua, MD
Julie Pao, MD
Tracy Elizabeth Papa, DO
Amy Lynn Papst, MD
Betty Jimi Park, MD
James Robert Parkey, IV, MD
William Barto Parks, MD
John Alexander Partin, MD
Vinodkumar T. Patel, MD
Shitel D. Patel, MD
Tanay M. Patel, MD
Deepak H. Patel, MD
Nehal V. Patel, MD
Jagdish D. Patel, MD
Patrice Annette Patterson, MD
Dustin J. Paul, DO
Peggy Jo Pazzaglia, MD
Joseph Leslie Pean, MD
David Earl Pearce, MD
Daniel B. Pearson, III, MD
Kumara S. Peddamatham, MD
Eric K. Peden, MD
Irene C. Pedraza, MD
Steven D. Pedro, MD
Maxim Pekarev, MD
Merritt A. Pember, MD
Freedom F. Perkins, Jr., MD
Tony A. Pham, MD
Yen Hai Phan, DO
Gregory J. Phillips, MD
Rebeca Eileen Piantini-Alvarez, MD
Grant Sherrod Pierre, MD
Paul Gordon Pin, MD
Thomas E. Piwonka, MD
Paul A. Playfair, MD
Anne Chandler Pluenneke, MD
Vijaya R. Pokala, MD
Lee S. Pollack, MD
Ronnie Pollard, MD and Ms. Krysla Karlix
Roberto Ponce, MD
Carlos Roberto Ponce, MD
Stephen J. Pont, MD, MPH
Magdala S. Poon, MD
Andrew Bernard Popejoy, MD
Richard Prezas, MD
Irwin B. Price, DO
William T. Price, MD
David William Price, MD
Joseph Edward Prince, MD
Andrew William Prychodko, MD
Theresa J. Pugh, MD
Carlos J. Puig, DO
Louis F. Puig, III, MD
Arshia Jabeen Quadri, MD
Lawrence Quan, MD
Arshad A. Quddoos, MD
Vicente Quintero, MD
Benjamin R. Quiroz, MD
James E. Race, MD
Marilyn A. Rafanan, MD
Jane Ragland, MD
Kuppusamy Ragupathi, MD
Andrew Rahaman, MD
Mehdi Rambod, MD
Ruben E. Ramirez, MD
Everett P. Ramsey, III, MD
Poonam N. Rane, MD
Rance W. Raney, MD
Daima F. Ratcliff, MD
Alak Ray, MD
Maryam Raza, MD
Rosalyn N. Reades, MD
Larry E. Reaves, MD
Rhett A. Reed, MD
Raymond Randolph Reese, MD
Victor S. Reis, MD
Jacy L. Retz, MD
Rhonda Reuter
Rebecca A. Reyes, MD
William H. Rice, MD
Jeffrey S. Richards, MD
H. Miller Richert, MD
Richard Randolph Riggins, MD
John W. Riggs, MD
Robert Joseph Rinaldi, MD
Najma Rinard, MD
Mihaela Ringheanu, MD
Luis Manuel Rios, Jr., MD
Lindsay R. Ripley, MD
Samantha J. Robare, MD
Robin A. Roberts, MD
Robyn Liane Roberts, MD
Timothy Gale Rodgers, MD
Mark Lee Rodkey, MD
Charles John Rodman, MD
Porfirio Sergio Rodriguez, MD
Rene Mauricio Rodriguez, MD
Reynaldo Rodriguez, MD
Jose Antonio Rodriguez, MD
Fred W. Rohm, DO
Theodore Rosen, MD
R. Steve Rosenbaum, MD
Julio Rosenstock, MD
Susan Rossman, MD
Juan C. Rozo, MD
Shari P. Rubin, MD
Bradley Clinton Rue, MD
Calixto J. Ruibal, MD
Richard S. Ruiz, MD
Bruce Lynn Russell, MD
William M. Rutledge, Jr., MD
LaDonna Rutledge, MD
Constantine Khalil Saadeh, MD
Wayne Leslie Sager, MD
Kelli Denee Salter, MD
Homero R. Sanchez, MD
Barry Sanders, MD
Jose Toribio Sandoval, MD
Sudheer K. Sankar, MD
David Paul Sanner, MD
Jose F. Santiago, MD
R. Eric Santos, MD
Joseph J. Saporito, MD
Adam B. Sarayusa, MD
Tammy Lee Sartor, MD
Kelli B. Satterwhite, MD
Maxwell C. Scarlett, MD
Tricia Schniederjan
Joseph Alan Schultz, MD
Barbara Ann Schultz, MD
Dean Allen Schultz, MD
Michael P. Seeley, MD
Steven Meredith Seidenfeld, MD
Jeremy Semeiks, MD
Dan Sepdham, MD
Anjali N. Shah, MD
Andrew Michael Shakespeare, MD
Shivaramaiah Shashikumar, MD
Sabri Hassan Sheikha, MD
Dr. Mark and Mary Ann Shelton
Maria K. Shepard, MD
David M. Shephard, MD
Gary J. Sheppard, MD
Rashmi M. Sheshadri, MD
Kevin J. Shih, MD
Gary W. Shimotsu, MD
Rashmi J. Shringer, MD
Erik P. Shultz, MD
Diane Shyung, DO
Jasvinder S. Sidhu, MD
Priscilla E. Sierk, DO
Herschl B. Silberman, MD
Jaime Luis Silva, MD
Christopher S. C. Sim, MD
Jerry W. Simmons, MD
Miriam Sagher Singer, MD
Anil Singh, MD
Indra Veer Singh, MD
Anil Rabindranath Singh, MD
Mark E. Skellenger, MD
Thomas S. Skelton, MD
Charles T. Slack, MD
Evans S. Smith, MD
Kirk Lane Smith, MD
Harry J. Smith, MD
R. Glenn Smith, MD, PhD
Henry Wayne Soechting, MD
Lydia Soldano
David Robert Sprouse, MD
Ramano Alvarez Sprueil, MD
Rajashree Srinivasan, MD
John E. Staniland, MD
Douglas J. Stanley, MD
Michael W. Stavinoha, MD
Matthew Kirk Steehler, MD
Randall A. Stenoien, MD
Martha Cecile Storrie, MD
Robert Homan Stowe, MD
Michael J. Streitmann, MD
Grace Lea Stringfellow, MD
Pamela Ramirez Stroman, MD
Jimmy Lee Strong, MD
Gary B. Strong, MD
Ellen Ruth Stuart
Kyle D. Stuart, MD
John Hamlin Stuckey, MD
Lawrence Dean Stutte, MD
Vidhya Subramanian, MD
Melanie A. Suhr, MD
William Levin Sutker, MD
Beth Howell Sutton, MD
Lauren F. Swartz, MD
Anu B. Swarup, MD
Arthur Jack Szczerba, MD
Neelima Tammareddi, MD
Michael J. Tang, MD
Shabrez Tariq, MD
Cynthia P. Tarver, MD
Larry D. Tatum, MD
Linda L. Tavel, MD
Maria E. Tebbetts, MD
Renu K. Thapar, MD
Rachel L. Theriault, MD
Clifton Erwin Thomas, MD
Abraham P. Thomas, MD
Elson M. Thomas, MD
Gregory W. Thompson, MD
Katherine H. Thompson, MD
James C. Thompson, MD
Frederick Allen Thurmond, MD
Millard L. Tierce, IV, DO
Charles Franklin Timmons, MD
Bruce L. Tjaden, MD
Anthony William Tolcher, MD
Gretchen Faye Toler, MD
Douglas G. Toler, MD
Elizabeth Torres, MD
Lora L. Torres, MD
Dwight Mark Toups, MD
Dwight Arnold Towler, MD
Eugene C. Toy, MD
Duyen M. Tran, MD
Kien Trung Tran, MD
Roberto Trevino, Jr., MD
Hector R. Trevino, MD
Gisela M. Triana, MD
Todd Timothy Trier, MD
Thomas Troutt, MD
Mauricio Javier Trujillo, MD
Mark Oliver Tucker, MD
Albert Jackson Turk, MD
Elizabeth B. Turnage, MD
Taryn J. Turner, DO
Leo Costello Tynan, III, MD
Hector Ubaldo, MD
Jose Manuel Ugarte, MD
Preston M. Ukoli, MD
Jane C. Unzeitig, MD
Hector Urrutia, MD
Lori Urso
Obinna N. Uzodinma, MD
Stanislaus N. Uzoigwe, MD
Marilyn J. Vache, MD
Rodolfo Vaglienty, MD
Adela S. Valdez, MD, MBA
Daniel Conde Valdez, MD
Vincent Leonard Van Acht, MD
George Van Buren, MD
Ronald Van Buskirk, MD
Paul L. Van De Vyver, MD
Hemant H. Vankawala, MD
Deepa V. Varshney, MD
Negar Vazirinia, MD
Lisa Edelmon Veggeberg, MD
Gretchen M. Velasco, MD
Gerard Joseph Ventura, MD, FACP
Sandra S. Vexler, MD
Carlos O. Viesca, MD
Ruben D. Villa, MD
Roger James Vitko, MD
Victoria Mae Voge, MD
Gene Wayne Voskuhl, MD
Manisha V. Wagle, MD
Gary David Walker, MD
John Patrick Walker, MD
Randolph Trent Walker, MD
Patricia A. Wallis
Heather Gayle Sutton Walsh, MD
Brian L. Walton, MD
Brian S. Wang, MD
Brett H. Warfield, MD
David M. Washington, MD
Keith C. Watson, MD
David H. Watson, MD
Seymour M. Weaver, III, MD
Drew S. Weiner, MD
Kent T. Weinheimer, MD
Phillip Weinstein, MD
James Barrett Welsh, MD
Scott A. Welsh, MD
Edward Wheeler, MD
David C. White, MD
Libby White
Toni I. White, MD
Jennifer A. Whitelock, MD
Stephen B. Whiteside, MD
Douglas Eugene Whitley, MD
Jeffrey Whitman, MD
Stephen E. Whitney, MD
Jeanne Lynn Wiegand, MD
Codi D. Wiener, MD
Jenny Marie Wiggins-Smith, DO
Moses Edward Wilcox, Sr., MD
Celeste A. Wilcox, MD
Olusegun Wilde, MD
David Michael Wilhelm, MD
Ginger W. Wilhelm, MD
James A. Wilkerson, Jr., MD
Patrick D. Williams, MD
Lucia L. Williams, MD, MPH
Jonathan Wayne Williams, MD
Charles Edward Willis, MD
Susan P. Willman, MD
Gregory Stephan Wilson, MD
Michael E. Wimmer, MD
Ruth L. Wintz, MD
Robert E. Wolf, MD
Amanda Jo Wolthoff, MD
Seth Patrick Womack, MD
Sunny Wong, MD
Amy L. Woodruff, MD
John Mays Worrell, Jr., MD
David P. Wright, MD
Steven Turner Wright, MD
Natalie A. Wright, MD
Eric Sanders Wroten, MD
William Chien Lin Wu, MD
Liancun Wu, MD
Horace Chia-Shun Wu, MD
Patrick L. Wupperman, MD
Joseph R. Xavier, MD
David Earl Yardley, MD
Clement C. Yeh, MD
Michael D. Yolland, MD
Feras Zabad, MD
John F. Zaki, MD
Sara Lois Zaleta, MD
Gregory S. Zarcone, DO
Lawrence Peter Zarian, MD
Nestor Rhett Zenarosa, MD
James M. Zodrow, MD


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January 30, 2021