2017 CME Session Recordings

Click on the images below to view the slides with audio recordings from TexMed 2017. 


HPV Prevention Slides

HPV: The Physician's Role in Prevention
Erich Sturgis, MD, MPH

HPV Prevention Slides Williams-Brown

HPV: The Physician's Role in Prevention
Marian Yvette Williams-Brown, MD

Best Practice Opioid Slides

Best Practices Amidst an Opioid Epidemic: Supportive and Palliative Care and New Pain Management
Larry C. Driver, MD

TM17 Lung Cancer Screening Slides
Utilizing Screening Guidelines and Genetic Testing Strategies for Identifying Cancer
Lewis E. Foxhall, MD

TM17 Screening Guidelines Slide
Utilizing Screening Guidelines to Control Colorectal Cancer
Davor Vugrin, MD, FACP


Disaster Medicine and Emergency Preparedness: 

TM17 State and County Level Response Slides

State and County Level Response to Public Health Crises
Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH

TM17 Regional Advisory Council Slide

Roles of the Regional Advisory Council in the Coordination of Emergency Operations
Lori Upton, RN, BSN, MS, CEM

TM17 Municipal Response Slide

Municipal Response to Major Medical Events
Richard N. Bradley, MD


Early Career Planning: 

TM17 Employment Contract Negotiations Slide

Employment Contract Negotiations
Hal S. Katz, JD

TM17 Interview Preparation Slide

Interview Preparation and Your Online Reputation
Tim Watson

TM17 Debt Management Slides

Debt Management and Loan Consolidation
Araceli Alvarez

TM17 Medical Practice Models Slides

Today's Medical Practice Models
Eddie L. Patton, MD; Sara R. Stuart, DO; Mark S. Jacobs, MD

Quality Payment Programs in Today's Practice: 

DeMystifying MACRA Slides

De-Mystifying MACRA
Gary Bacher and Ray Quintero

TM17 Quality Payment Programs Slides

Quality Lessons Learned in the Field
Jorge Duchicela, MD

TM17 Lessons Learned Kohl Slides

Quality Lessons Learned in the Field
Russell Kohl, MD, FAAFP

TM17 Quality Lessons from the Field Slide

Quality Lessons from the Field
Luis Benavides, MD

TM17 Value Based Payments Slide

Quality Based Payments
Lisa Ehrlich, MD

TM17 Quality Based Payments Large Group Slide

Quality Based Payments
Patrick Carter, MD 


Public Health: 

TM17 HIV Prevention Slide Image

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention: An Overview
Charlene A. Flash, MD, MPH

TM17 A to Zika Slides

From A to Zika: An Update on Zika Virus
Philip Huang, MD, MPH and Umair Shah, MD, MPH

TM17 Intimate Partner Violence Slide

Response to and Management of Intimate Partner Violence
Shanna Combs, MD and Krista Del Gallo

TM17 Prescribing PrEP Slides

Prescribing PrEP for Your Patient Population
Cynthia Brinson, MD

TM17 Human Trafficking Slides

Human Trafficking: A Primer for the Health Care Professional
Melinda Lopez, MD, MPH

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May 30, 2017