2014 Individual Donors Thank You

TMA Foundation 2014 Donors

Thank you to our individual donors in 2014 for creating a "Healthy Now" and a "Healthy Future" for all Texans. 

Austin King, MD and the Honorable Susan King
Dr. G. Sealy and Debbie Massingill

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Butler
Lee Ann Pearse, MD and Mr. Einar Vagnes
Susan M. Pike, MD and Harry T. Papaconstantinou, MD
Dee Whittlesey, MD

H. Wayne Agnew, MD
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Terri Andrews
Joe and Peggy Annis
Sue and Doug Bailey
Alan C. Baum, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Roberto J. Bayardo
Stephen Brotherton, MD
Ching-Yen J. Chang, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Fred F. Ciarochi
Martin Fein and Kelli Cohen Fein, MD
Salil V. Deshpande, MD, MBA
Dr. David and Angela Donahue
Brian J. Eades, MD
Kathy and John Ehrle
Robert H. Emmick Jr., MD
Tim Fast
Diana Fite, MD
David C. Fleeger, MD
Robert D. Gross, MBA, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Gunby, Jr.
Patrick and Yvonne Hearn
Drs. Isabel V. and J. Russell Hoverman
Rose D. Jackson
Gregory R. Johnson, MD, SFHM
Dr. and Mrs. Art Klawitter
Dr. and Mrs. Russell WH Kridel
Michael O. LaGrone, MD
Bonnie Muncy, MD
Dr. Jerry and Katherine Newton
Craig Norman, R.Ph.
Morris Orocofsky, MD
Robert W. Palmer, Sr., MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Pickell
Drs. Rajam and Somayaji Ramamurthy
Don R. Read, MD, PA
Angela Rechichi, MD
Dr. E. Steve and Sharon Robinson
Irvin Robinson, MD
Regina Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Charli Rohack
Dana and Jaime Ronderos
Jaime D. Sandoval, MD, PA
Dr. Leslie and Mrs. Linda Secrest
Jayesh B. Shah, MD
William J. Shea, Jr., MD
Michael E. Speer, MD
Lorraine I. Stengl, MD
Susan M. Strate, MD
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Susan Todd
Drs. Nalin H. and Kamal N. Tolia
Carl O. Trusler, MD and
Jaynne Middleton, DMA
Paul Tullar, MD and Margaret J. Morey, JD
Gerard and Carrie Ventura
E. Linda Villarreal, MD and
Donald S. White
Drs. Arlo Weltge and Janet Macheledt
Chad and Jennifer White
Dr. Paul and Mrs. D’Anna Wick
Tom and Dottie Wightman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wood

Lousi M. Alpern, MD
Michelle A. Berger, MD and
David N. Tobey, Jr., MD
Travis G. Bias, DO
Carlos Cardenas, MD and Chris Cardenas
Kimberly Carter
Roberta M. Case, MD
A. Clay Cessna, DO
John J. Constanzi, MD
Frederick J. Cremona, MD
Christopher Crow, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davis
Susan Ellen Denson, MD
Dr. Larry and Ginger Driver
Pat Evans
Norman D. Fry, MD
Deborah A. Fuller, MD
Dr. William and Nancy Gamel
Rajesh Gandhi, MD, PhD
Dr. and Mrs. Roland A. Goertz
Dr. T. David and Mrs. Lea Ann Greer
Dr. and Mrs. Martin G. Guerrero
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Hawthorne
Mary Love (Bitsy) Henderson
Dr. James and Mrs. Beverlee Herd
Drs. Cheryl Lynn and
Howard P. Hurd
James W. Huston, MD
Dr. Rex and Patricia Hyer
Milla Perry Jones
Jerry D. Julian, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Bob Q. Lanier
Benjamin C. Lee, MD
Ike and Patty Loose
Robert A. MacLean, MD
Dr. Michelle and Mr. Roger Marcincuk
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Menchaca
Dr. Bruce and Mary Meyers
Donald Gene Middleton, MD
Victoria Mitre
Clifford and Diane Moy
Charles B. Mullins, MD
Gregory J. Phillips, MD
Drs. Linda G. and
James A. Prentice
Lisa Queralt
Dr. and Mrs. U. Prabhakar Rao
Larry and Cynthia Reaves
Robert and Ellen Rogers
Drs. Jane and Wesley Stafford
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Terk
Albert G. Tesoriero, MD
Susan Torrie, MD
Alex Valadka, MD
Libby White
Courtney Williams, MD

Linda Swan Adkins
Maryanne and Phil Anthony
Jeremy Ashley
Natarajan S. Bala, MD
Ron Banister, MD
C. Enrique Batres, MD
Michael Battista, MD
Linda and Spencer Berthelsen
Dr. David and Betty Bookout
Ernest Dale Buck, MD
Mutiara Buys
Richard and Kathy Byrd
Robert B. Caraway, Jr. MD
Joseph A. Castillo, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Cherewaty
Tilden L. Childs, III, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Brett Cochrum
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Coleman
Juana Rosa and Ron Daniell
Carrie E. De Moor, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Dearden
Dr. Jerry and Jody DePriest
Sandra Dee Dickerson, MD
Don Dillahunty, DO, MPH
Rakhi C. Dimino, MD
Steve and Dayna Diven
Juan Fitz, MD
Forney Fleming, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Floyd
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Fuller
David and Mary Goldstein
Louis J. Goodman, PhD
Albert T. Gros, MD
Juan M. Guerrero, MD
Drs. Leslie M. and Steven E. Haber
R. Moss Hampton, MD
Madeline Harford, MD
Jeannine Hatt, MD and Charles R. Phelps, MD
Keely and Jerry Hunsaker
Robert E. Jackson, MD, FACP
Cynthia A. Jumper, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Tracy Kobs
Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Koehl
Drs. Malathi and Vijay Koli
Vijay K. Krishnan, MD
Mark J. Kubala, MD
Louis LaMancusa, MD
Randall P. Martin, DO
Mark and Donna Maxwell
Bhasker R. Mehta, MD, FACP
Colleen M. Melburn, MD
Kimberly Monday, MD
Dennis E. Newton, III, MD
Sidney C. Ontai, MD, MBA
Dr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Parker
Drs. Mary Dahlen Peterson and Rafael Coutin
Deborah Pitts
Jairo A. Puentes, MD
Linda Jane Rhodes, MD
Kim Rice, MD
Dr. and Mrs. N. Keith Robinson
Rachel L. Rucker, MD
Jennifer Searles
Raul Sepulveda, MD
Dr. Mark and Mary Ann Shelton
Cynthia Sherry, MD
Charlotte Stelly-Seitz, MD
Charles T. Stephenson, MD
Dr. Bernard and Mrs. Kathy Swift
Jo Terry
George E. Thannisch, MD
Tich Ngoc Truong, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel V. Vijjeswarapu
Robert M. Wheeler, MD
John P. Williams, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Abernathy
Kenneth P. Adams, MD
Jane F. Admire, MD
Idalia Alaniz, MD
Sugumar Ambrose, MD
Marilyn G. Anderson
Lee E. Anderson, MD
Kent Anthony, MD
Edwin C. Augustat, MD
Sergio A. Avalos, MD
Charles and Sue Bailey
Karen Bailey
S. Balachandran, MD, PA
Karen Batory
Dennis A. Beck, MD
Suzanne A. Beck, MD
Anantha Ramamurthy Bhandari, MD
Drs. Carolyn Biebas and Donald Patrick
Susan K. Blue, MD
William W. Bondurant, III, MD, PA
Braverman Family Charitable Foundation, Sheldon P. Braverman, Trustee
James G. Brooks, Jr., MD
Drs. Cynthia and Byron L. Brown
Martha Bruner
Brad G. Butler, MD
Barbara Cernan Butler
Karl M. Buttermann, MD
Terry and Susan Castle
Augusto Castrillon, MD
P. Kay Champion, MD
Naidu K. Chekuru, MD
Christopher Chenault, MD
George Edward Clark, III, MD
Chelsea I. Clinton, MD
V. Frank Cody, MD, PA
John F. Cole, DO
Terry Collier, MD
John Compton, MD
Marla Rae Conger, MD
Joehassin Cordero, MD
Charles E. Cowles, Jr., MD
James S. Cox, MD
Virgil M. Cox, Jr., MD
Mary W. Crutchfield, MD
Sandy and Hugh Bob Currie
Ricardo De Los Santos, MD/
Eagle Pass Pedeatric Health Clinic
William J. Deaton, MD
Nadya Dhanani, MD and Shiraz Yazdani, MD
Nancy W. Dickey, MD
John H. Doran, MD, FACP
Sharda J. Doshi, MD, PA
Virginia L. Driver
Michael Duan, MD
Joel S. Dunnington, MD
Sher Dye
Gus F. Eckhardt, MD
Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH
Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Eichler
Dr. Mark and Sarah Eidson
Susan Escudier, MD
Roberto Estrada, MD
Barry J. Fenton, MD
Ivan Figueroa, MD
Mark J. Filley, MD
Robert Lee Fine, MD
Justin Fleishman, MD
Bennie F. Fore, III, MD
Josephine Fowler, MD
William G. Franklin, MD
John J. Fraser, Jr., MD
Fred and Rhea Fry
Melecia Fuentes, MD
Jan F. Fuerst, MD
A. Tomas Garcia, III, MD
Felipe Garcia-Ghinis, MD
Anne Gifford
Robert M. Gilliam, MD
Donald Gordon, MD
Luis G. Granier, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Green
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Q. Greenfield, Jr.
Thomas Greider, MD
James Guo, MD
Houston G. Hamby, MD
Tom B. Hancher, MD
Arlynn Hartfiel, MD
Dennis Raymond Haslam, Jr., MD
Brian W. Haugh
Allan L. Haynes, Jr., MD
H. A. Tillmann Hein, MD
Richard E. Helmer, III, MD
Walter E. Herbst, MD
William Woolford Hinchey, MD
John W. Hinchey, MD
David Anthony Hnatow, MD
Glen E. Holley, MD
Scott Wayne Howell, MD
Shkelzen Hoxhaj, MD
James D. Hoyle, Jr., MD
Mary Grace Hume
Rosa Hutcheson
John Robert Hyatt, Jr., MD
Katie D. Irani, MD
Joseph H. Jackson, Jr., MD

Nora A. Janjan, MD, MPSA, MBA
David Jesus
Dudley D. Jones, MD
Cheryl Jones
Aaron K. Joseph, MD, PA
Woody Kageler, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Key
Roger Sunil Khetan, MD
Paul Kitchens
Olen E. Kitchings, MD
Ronald R. Kuffel, Jr., MD
Ignazio G. LaChina, MD
Jack LaManna, DO, PA
Dr. and Mrs. Alan C. Leshnower
Scott D. Lloyd, MD
Louis J. Lux, MD
Maryrita K. Mallet, MD
William G. Manax, MD
John Philip Masciale, MD
Jonathan R. Matthews, DO
M. Dwain McDonald, MD
Gordon G. McWatt, DO
John Meehan, DO
Jaideep H. Mehta, MD
Gary Roy Mennie, MD
George J. Merriman, MD (deceased)
Dana Mirkin, MD
Jesse Moss, Jr., MD
Dann and Mindy Myers
Larry M. Nahmias, MD
David Nickeson, MD
Teresa A. Oltersdorf
Gabriel Ortiz, MD & Veronica M. Ortiz
Michael G. Parisi, DO
Sandra K. Parker, MD
Minerva V. Partenheimer
Donald E. Pentecost, MD
William R. Phillips, MD
Laura Pinto
Drs. Penelope J. and Evan G. Pivalizza
Paula Plummer, MD
Vince Priestner, MD
James P. Davis and Martha E. Pugh, MD
Craig William Purcell, MD
William H. Quayle, MD
Lee R. Radford, MD & Betty
P. K. Raghuprasad, MD
Edward Nicholas Raleigh, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rather
Suresh Reddy, MD
James Franklin Reid, MD
Rhonda Reuter
Murray C. Rice, MD
Barna A. Richards, MD
Sidney H. Richardson, MD
Dr. Reynaldo and Roberta Rodriguez
Elizabeth A. Roseberry, MD
Roque Ruggero, MD
Calixto J. Ruibal, MD
Julie Ruiz
David Dee Russell, MD
Guillermo A. Saade, MD
Manuel J. Sanchez, MD
William Schleuse, MD
Linda A. Schmalstieg, MD
Craig Stephen See, MD
Tony Shallin, MD
Heather P. Shelton, MD
Drs. Nick and Leena Shroff
J. Scott Simpson, MD
Atul Kumar Singhal, MD
Irene Skor
Susan L. Sponenberg, MD
Janice Stachowiak, MD
Charlotte T. Starghill, MD
Donal W. Steph, MD
John R. Stroehlein, MD
P. Ridgeway Gilmer, Jr., MD and
Kristina B. Stroehlein, MD
John Hamlin Stuckey, MD
J. Peter Sullivan, MD (deceased)
Laurie J. Sutor, MD
Lisa Swenson, MD
Michael L. Tilly, MD
Roger W. Timperlake, MD
Sharon Townsend
Craig A. Troop, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trusty
Sandra P. Urrego, MD and Yu-Tang Su, MD
Stuart Van Delden
Daniel Wiley Varga, MD
Arturo Vargas, MD
William J. Wagner, Jr. MD
Larry Leon Walker, MD
Dr. J. J. and Rebecca Waller
Patrick Walsh, MD, PA
Kenneth M. R. Warnock, MD
Donald L. Wehmeyer, MD
Edward Wheeler, MD
Moses Edward Wilcox, Sr., MD
Josie R. Williams, MD, MMM
Linda Ornelas Wilson, MD
B. Winston, MD
Lucas Wong, MD
Mertie and Dr. Dale Wood
Mitchell Alan Young, MD
Rodney B. Young, MD
Michael A. Zanchi, MD


Arshad Abid Abbasi, MD
Raymond T. Adedapo, MD
Phillip Lee Admire, III, MD
Kelly R. Aguilar, MD
Waqar Ahmad, MD
Safeer Ahmed, MD
Artun Aksade, MD
Rodolfo R. Alamia, MD
Jennifer Elaine Aldrich, MD
Patricia A. Allamon, MD
James E. Allison, III, MD
Wilson Almonte, MD
Melanie J. Alo, MD
Jobee Tristan Alvarade, MD
John J. Alvarez, MD
C. Lynn Anderson, Jr., MD
Richard A. Anderson, MD
Amit Annamaneni, MD
Mario Rudy Anzaldua, MD
Bruce Jeffrey Applebaum, MD
Rodrigo Argenal, MD
Robert L. Arkus, MD
Akber M. Ashraf, MD
James M. Atkins, MD
David E. Auer, MD
Anissa G. August, MD
Francisco Aviles-Roig, MD
Violeta Tamara Baddour, MD
Mark Baerd
William H. Bailey, MD
James Elwood Baker, Jr., MD
Ann Ballard
Robert Barr, MD
Janette K. Bateman, MD
Jon T. Beezley, DO
Robert Steven Beissner, MD
Genevieve Meliza Belgrave, MD
Thomas Bruce Bender, MD
Arthur E. Benzick, MD
Michael Walter Berg, MD
Jimmie L. Bergeron, MD
Claude William Betty, MD
Lee Walker Beville, MD
Samuel Michael Bierner, MD
Mark Allen Bishara, MD
David Lawson Blackburn, MD
Ronald E. Blanco, MD
Vickie and Guy Blumhagen
Teresa E. Boehm, MD
Henry J. Boehm, III, MD
Drs. Brian and Lori Boies
Bruce A. Bollinger, MD
Mary Alice Bone, MD
Carmen M. Bonmati, MD
Hemmo A. Bosscher, MD
Stephen Ray Boster, MD
Michele C. Bosworth, MD
Fred B. Brackett, MD
David R. Breed, MD
Barry Don Brooks, MD
Oscar Wharton Brown, III, MD
William Taylor Brown, DO
Stephen D. Brown, MD
Carol Lace Brown-Elliott, MD
L. Maximilian Buja, MD
Matt L. Burge, MD
Allen W. Burton, MD
Jeffrey L. Butts, DO
Meredith A. Byington, MD
Dolores Camacho-Phillips
Dale Keith Campbell, MD
Karen C. Campbell
Marsha B. Carpenter, MD
Bernardo Carpio, MD
James M. Caskey, MD
James Walter Castillo, II, MD
Rhodesia A. Castillo, MD
Gregg C. Castillo, MD
Sheldon Clark Chaffer, II, MD
Binoy M. Chandy, MD
Barbara P. Chapman
Harry Louis Chavez, MD
Laurence Chu, MD
Wendy M. Chung, MD, MSPH
Nancy M. Chung, MD
Kristi G. Clark, MD
Robert Dwight Clark, DO
Arthur M. Clements, MD
Benny R. Cleveland, MD
Terry A. Clyburn, MD
David W. Coghe, MD
Marvin S. Cohen, MD
Joe L. Cole, MD
Ronald C. Colman, MD
Cindy L. Comfort
Bradford Stager Commons, MD
Jeffrey Donald Cone, MD
Stuart M. Connell, MD
T. Edwin Cook, MD
David Hume Cooke, Jr., MD
Shannon Eugene Cooke, MD
Richard Scott Cooper, MD
Baldemar Covarrubias, MD
Jennifer B. Cowart, MD
Alan Paul Crowther, MD
Susan G. Curling, MD
Peter J. Curtis, MD
Robert Burnell Curtis, MD
Rajesh V. Dalal, MD
John H. Dalton, MD
Matthew K. Dang, MD
John Lewis David, Jr., MD
Mark Owen Davis, MD
Junior De Freitas, MD
Rafael J. Deliz Velez, MD
Richard W. Demmler, MD
Tamra K. Deuser, MD
Jennifer Warner Dharamsi, MD
Thiendella Diagne, MD
Daryl D. Dichoso, MD
D. Lynn Dickens, MD
Dao Van Doan, MD
Laurie Boquet Dory, MD
Nehal D. Doshi, MD
Katherine H. Driver
Samuel P. Driver
Pamela D. Dugano-Daphnis, MD
Charles Alman Duncan, MD
Jose M. Duran, MD
Pat Durham
Barbara Louise Durso, MD
Reenu Sara Eapen, MD
John Stockton Early, MD
A. Stanley Elliott, MD
Christopher James Ellis, MD
Jennifer Earle Engels, MD
Ralph Fernand Erian, MD
Nanette V. Evans, MD
Von L. Evans, Jr., MD
Philip Hughston Ewing, MD
Robert H. Fain, Jr., MD
Thomas S. Falvey, III, MD
Simon John Farrow, MD
Harry L. Faust, Jr., DO
Christina Armentor-Fenrich
Edwin L. Ferren, MD
Charles Samuel Fillingane, II, DO
Dr. and Mrs. Stanton Fischer
Jeffrey C. Fletcher, DO
Leah C. Folb, MD
Estrella De Maria C. Forster, MD
William J. Fortner, MD
Paul A. Foster, DO
Edward J. Fox, MD, PhD
G. Marcus Franklin, MD
Dr. Mark and Rachel Fredrickson
Lyle Freedman, MD
Leka Gajula, MD
David G. Galvan, MD
Barbara Garcia
Crystal R. Garza, MD
Martin Garza, MD
Andrei Claudio Gasic, MD
Robert Bruce Genzel, MD
Albert Lee Gest, DO
Mark S. Gittings, DO
Emily E. Glassinger, MD
Alan Charles Glowczwski, MD
Robert Burnside Goff, MD
Judith Gold, MD
Jennifer Lynn Gonzales, MD
Ty Lee Gore, MD
Jennifer S. Goss, MD
Andrew R. Gottesman, MD
John Edward Green, III, MD
Susan B. Gregg, MD
Charles Carter Gregory, DO
Enrique Juan Griego, MD
Neil Anthony Grieshop, MD
Fernando A. Guerra, MD
Paul Stephen Gulbas, MD
Jack W. Gullahorn
Charles John Gutierrez, MD
Richard D. Guyer, MD
David E. Haacke, DO
Corey Jay Haggard, MD
Shelley Anne Hall, MD
John Bryan Hamilton, MD
Lawrence M. Hanrahan, MD
Gary Randall Hardee, MD
Lawrence G. Hardwicke, MD
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Harman
Harold Arthur Heafer, MD
Tod C. Heldridge, MD
John Abe Henderson, IV, MD
Charles S. Henry, MD
Mary F. Hewitt, MD
Edna B. Hibbitts
Leon Milton Hicks, MD
Thomas A. Hill, MD
Victor John Hirsch, Jr., MD
Emily L. Hirsh, MD
Kevin L. Hoffman, MD
David Sheng Huang, MD
Cathy A. Hurley, MD
Peter J. Irwin, MD
Ebtesam A. Islam, MD, PhD
Paul J. James, MD
Harwin B. Jamison, MD
Samuel C. Jernigan, MD
Gary Kimble Jett, MD
Bryan G. Johnson, MD
Thomas G. Johnson, MD
Kay Arbegast Johnston, MD
Shalita M. Jones, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Jones
David Oommen Joseph, MD
Roy Maliakkal Joseph, MD
Dianna Lea Juarez, MD
Bryan Kalil, MD
John Nichalos Kamphaus, MD
Padmaneel B. Kanase, MD
Lubna S. Kazim, MD
Julia Kellcy, DO
Todd L. Kelly, MD
Moses Joshua Keng, Jr., MD
Alexander B. Kenton, MD
David C. Kerr, MD
Muhammad Akram Khan, MD
Muhammad B. Khan, MD
Thomas Duke Kimbrough, MD
Robert Randolph King, MD
Carey G. King, MD
Paul E. Klotman, MD
Christine E. Koerner, MD
Ingrid Kristen Kohlmorgen, MD
Karanjit Singh Kooner, MD
Kent I. Kossoy, MD
Michael Krebs, MD
Rishikesh P. Kulkarni, MD
Vijay S. Kusnoor, MD
Mary Kylberg
Javier A. Lafuente, MD
Eugene C. Lai, MD
Karen and Terry Lairmore
Louise and Hugh Lamensdorf
Craig B. Lankford, MD
Alcio J. Lapa
Barbara A. Lawrence, MD
Billy J. Layton, MD
Pierre Le Baud, MD
John C. Leadbeater, MD
David and Jane Leak
Andi Ledlie
Byung Joo Lee, MD
Kathryn M. Lewis, MD
Robert Quarles Lewis, MD
Isador Harry Lieberman, MD
Richard A. Liptak, MD (deceased)
John Stuart Lipton, MD
Xercerla A. Littles, MD
Charles Auborn Lively, MD
Alan F. Lobo, MD
Brian D. Loftus, MD
Dixie A. Louis
Sarah B. Low, MD
Stephen R. Lowry, MD
Walter Xavier Loyola, MD
Glynda Williams Lucas, MD
David Ray Lunow, MD
Patricia A. Maeso, MD
Vinh T. Mai, MD
Jimmy Jamshed Cyrus Mali, MD
John Cooney Clancy Mansour, MD
Lauren B. Marangell, MD
Javier D. Margo, Jr., MD
Otto J. Marquez-Kerguelen, MD
Charmaine A. Martin, MD
Andrew James Martin, MD
Rachel A. Martin, DO
Luis H. Martinez, MD
Roger S. Mathis, Sr., DDS
Paul M. Mauk, MD
William W. Maxwell, Jr., MD
Randall P. Maydew, MD
Timothy Douglas Maynard, MD
Malcolm L. Mazow, MD
Deborah D. McCoy, MD
Peter Andrew McCullough, MD
James A. McCullough, MD
John E. McDonald, MD
Kathleen R. McDonald, MD
Stuart D. McDonald, MD
Frank Owen McGehee, Jr., MD
Nicole McGinty, MD
Pamela Y. McGraw, MD
Bridget McKeever
Marcus E. McKenzie, MD
Tresa A. McNeal, MD
Bennie C. McWilliams, MD
Niharika G. Mehra, DO
Isabel C. Menendez, MD
Shirley C. Merritt, MD
Priscilla J. Metcalf, MD
Robert Y. Meyerson, MD
John D. Middlebrook, MD
Nola Miley
D. Scott Miller, MD
Elaine K. Miller, DO
Jennifer Nicole Milner, MD
Pradeep Mohan, MD
Michael Thomas Mohun, MD
Binusha Moitheennazima, MD
Jose Jesus Monsivais, MD
Sunshine Moore
J. Cary Moorhead, MD
Meredith V. Morgan, MD
Richard G. Morgan, MD
Joseph J. Morris, Jr., MD
William E. Morris, Jr., MD, FACP
Tara M. Morrison, MD
Ali Moshtaghi, MD
Anthony J. Muffoletto, MD
Hargobind Mulchandani, MD
Maria De Jesus Munoz, MD
Matthew M. Murray, MD
Raymond Philip Mussett, MD
Eid B. Mustafa, MD
Dr. Adel and Mrs. Lorna Nafrawi
Sabeen Najam, MD
Harcharan S. Narang, MD
Leslie Wilmot Nelson, MD
Anh V. Nguyen, MD
Carl Edward Noe, MD
Richard L. Noel, MD
J. Phillip Norman
Jo North
Mark Raymond Norwid, MD
Paul C. Nowak, MD
Beverly B. Nuckols, MD
Annette Okai, MD
John C. O’Leary, MD
Christopher Evan Olson, MD
Clifton B. O’Meara, MD
Russell Jon Otto, MD
Raymond Lee Owen, MD
Graves T. Owen, MD
Carl F. Palumbo, MD
Kimberly Jo Parham, MD
Mary L. Parish, DO
William Barto Parks, MD
Larry L. Patchell, MD
Jay Arvind Patel, DO
Peggy Jo Pazzaglia, MD
David Earl Pearce, MD
Ziad Peerwani, MD
Jose O. Pena, Jr., MD
Carmen Perez, MD
Fortunato Perez-Benavides, MD
Amy C. Philipp, DO
Jurswin Coffy Pieternelle, MD
Thomas E. Piwonka, MD
Carlos Andres Plata, MD
Todd Alan Pollock, MD
Deepa Ponnusamy, MD
William T. Price, MD
David and Mia Price
Pat Pryor, MD
Theresa J. Pugh, MD
Bart D. Putterman, MD
Lawrence Quan, MD
Jane Ragland, MD
Manjula Raguthu, MD
Delbert Earl Rainosek, MD
L. W. Ralston, MD
Jairo Ramirez, MD
Mark Adam Ramirez, MD
Rance W. Raney, MD
Zoe Rascoe
Mrs. Joan Ratner
Linda J. Ray, MD
Priscilla Ray, MD
Nathaniel Reisinger, MD
Gary L. Rhame, DO
Jeffrey S. Richards, MD
Samantha J. Robare-Stout, MD
Erica A. Roberts, MD
Karen L. Roberts, MD
Sam S. Roberts, III, MD
Roger R. Robinson, MD
Brent A. Rocke, MD
Filiberto Rodriguez, MD
Jose Antonio Rodriguez, MD
Jose Rodriguez, MD
Vivian O. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, MD
Julie Rojas
Roslyn Rood
Emily Hamilton Rosellini, MD
Karen S. Roush, MD
David N. Rundell, DO
Jon J. Rusciano, MD
Jennifer Rushton, MD
Michael Ryan, MD
Brian N. Sabowitz, MD
Javier Andres Saenz, MD
Charles A. Safely, MD
Sarosh Saleemi, MD
Cynthia M. Salinas, MD
Leena L. Samuel, MD
McLean R. Sanborn, MD
Barry Sanders, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Albert E. Sanders
Sudheer K. Sankar, MD
Joseph J. Saporito, MD
Robert L. Saunders, Jr., MD
Michael Alan Savin, MD
Jerome Edward Sawka, MD
Maxwell C. Scarlett, MD
Juan Pablo Schiavone, MD
Rose L. Schneier, MD
Dean Allen Schultz, MD
Herman J. Schultz, MD
Dan Sepdham, MD
Florence Shafiq, MD
Vandana Mrugesh Shah, MD
Gregory L. Shannon, MD
Ralph S. Sharman, MD
Gary W. Shimotsu, MD
Allan Neil Shulkin, MD
Farrah N. Siddiqui, MD
Jorge Antonio Sifuentes, Jr., MD
Nooman Younus Silat, MD
Rasa Sylvia Silenas, MD MPH, FACS
Harbans Singh, MD
Ranjit Rajendra Singh, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Darrell Slette
Paul John Smelter, MD
James Reilly Smith, MD
J. Marvin Smith, III, MD
John H. Smith, MD
Evans S. Smith, MD
Renee R. Snyder, MD
Steven Adam Socher, MD
Henry Wayne Soechting, MD
Lydia Soldano
Rafael Solis, MD
Rachel Solnick
George Butcher Sonnier, MD
Maria A. Sosa, MD
Robert James Spicer, MD
David Robert Sprouse, MD
Marlene B. Stafford
Stephen P. Stamatis, MD
Lisa Stark Walsh
Joel Dow Starnes, III, MD
Michael W. Stavinoha, MD
Michael William Steines, MD
Jill S. Stephenson, MD
Lori Donohue Stetler, MD
Cristina Marie Stiles, MD
Michael J. Streitmann, MD
Kyle D. Stuart, MD
Salim Ramzan Ali Surani, MD
Erica W. Swegler, MD
Arthur Jack Szczerba, MD
Cynthia P. Tarver, MD
Maria E. Tebbetts, MD
Frederick Allen Thurmond, MD
Kirk Tiemann, MD
Quynh Anh Ton-That, MD
Ana M. Torres, MD
Francisco Torres, MD
Roberto Trevino, Jr., MD
Hector R. Trevino, MD
Zoltan and Kathy Trizna
Nicolas E. Trujillo, MD
Annie Y. Tsui, DO
Mark Oliver Tucker, MD
Jagdish Tummala, MD
Rafael Luis Ufret-Vincenty, MD
Jane C. Unzeitig, MD, FAAAI
Obinna Uzodinma, MD
Ryan Van Ramshorst, MD
Hemant H. Vankawala, MD
Robert C. Vanzant, MD
Jose Orlando Vazquez-Vicente, DO
Lisa Edelmon Veggeberg, MD
Gretchen M. Velasco, MD
Ashley N. Velásquez
Eliseo M. Villalobos, MD
Baominh P. Vinh, MD
Roger James Vitko, MD
Victoria Mae Voge, MD
James Stefan Walker, MD
Charles A. Wallace, MD
Thomas Allen Waller, MD
Mark S. Wallis, MD
Agnes Ward
Brett H. Warfield, MD
Lindsay L. Waters, MD
Gary Byron Watts, MD
Seymour M. Weaver, III, MD
Casey S. West, MD
Thomas C. Wiener, MD
Lucia L. Williams, MD, MPH
Patrick D. Williams, MD
Hubert N. Williston, MD
Joan Windmiller, MD
Michael Wolbert, MD
Barbara J. Wood, MD
Rebecca N. Wood-Horrall, MD
Alison C. Wortman, MD
Christopher C. Wright, MD
Joseph R. Xavier, MD
Rodney Dycoco Yap, MD
Sun Y. Yom, MD
Feras Zabad, MD
Fuad Zayed, MD
Christopher M. Ziebell, MD