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Access medical publications, articles and white papers, helplines and interactive practice management tools from TMA.

30-Minute Billing Cure: Schedule a free half-hour consultation with TMA experts at a local county medical society. Tailored to your particular  reimbursement, billing, and/or  coding issue. (800) 880-1300, ext. 1416.

Billing and Coding Hotline: Assists with regulatory compliance, billing and coding, payer reimbursement, and licensure issues. (800) 880-1300, ext. 1414, or  paymentadvocacy[at]texmed[dot]org(members only)  

TMA Classifieds: Utilize TMA’s online listing to research job opportunities, post staff openings, search products and services, and buy or sell your practice or equipment.  

CME requirements and medical licensure rules. 

Deadlines for Doctors: TMA’s regulatory compliance calendar provides background information, regulations, penalties and incentives, suggested steps, and TMA resources that can help you meet each compliance date.  

EHR Comparison Tool: Compares most-used EHRs in Texas (members only)  

Reimbursement Review and Resolution Service: Helps recover money (over $1 million in 2011) from incorrectly processed claims, lost or delayed Medicare enrollment applications, and more. (members only)  

Health Information Technology Hotline: Assists with questions about selecting and implementing an EHR, workflow, EHR incentives, REC services, e-prescribing or general technology questions. (800) 880-5720, or  hit[at]texmed[dot]org

Interactive Resources, Calculators and Business Tools: Obtain sample claims appeal form letters, at-a-glance billing guidelines, practice change form letters, Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator, and more.

TMA Knowledge Center: Access TMA's online collection of medical publications, articles and white papers, get answers to your questions on:  hot topics, practice management and regulatory issues, TMA membership, registering for a TMA event, and TMA's work in Congress and the Legislature. (800) 880-7955, or  knowledge[at]texmed[dot]org.

TMA Newsletters and Publications, including Texas Medicine magazine, Action and Practice E-Tips: Read TMA’s monthly magazine and other publications to get solutions for a successful practice.

TMA Practice Help: Operating a medical practice in today’s environment creates challenges every day. Check the TMA Practice Help page for the latest solutions for your practice.

Quality ImprovementTMA has clinical quality and payment tools and information to assist your practice’s clinical effectiveness.

Regulatory articles and papers on HIPAA, Medical Records, Advertising Restrictions, EMTALA, and much more.

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