2012 Anson Jones, MD, Award Winners

Congratulations TMA 2012 Anson Jones, MD, Award Winners  

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Large-Market Television        
Winner "Hope for Two" Janet St. James; WFAA-TV Dallas/Fort Worth
Citation of Merit (tie) "Aneurysm Brain Glue" Wendy Rigby, Jeff Johnsey; KENS-TV San Antonio
Citation of Merit (tie) "DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction" Judy Maggio, Kevin Riley; KEYE-TV Austin
Honorable Mention     "No New Cancer Drugs for Kids?"     Christi Myers, Bob Dows, John Mubarak; KTRK-TV Houston
Small-Market Television        
Winner "The Myths of Schizophrenia" Karin McCay, Jason Cannon, Azian Bermea, Sage Gallaway; KCBD-TV Lubbock
Citation of Merit "Child Over-Medication" Alex Villarreal, Lee Carpio; KBTX-TV Bryan/College Station
Honorable Mention "HIV Killer" Alex Villarreal, Katrina Gutierrez; KBTX-TV Bryan/College Station
In-Depth Television        
Winner "To Avery With Love" Meredith Stancik, Shane McAuliffe; KBTX-TV      
Citation of Merit  "The Epidemic of Youth Concussions" (Part 2 and Part 3) Janet St. James, Josh Stephen; WFAA-TV Dallas/Fort Worth
Honorable Mention "The Worthy and the Willing" Greg Groogan, Mark Muller; KRIV-TV Houston
Honorable Mention "New Plastic Problems" Terri Gruca, Dathan Hull; KVUE-TV Austin
Large-Circulation Print        
Winner "Stop. Think. Talk. When Cancer Strikes ..." Melissa Schultz; The Dallas Morning News  Dallas/Fort Worth
Small-Circulation Print       
Winner "Out of the Shadows" Bradford Pearson; D Magazine  Dallas
Citation of Merit     "Obesity is Not Working Out" Elaine Marsilio; Corpus Christi Caller-Times  Corpus Christi
In-Depth Print       
Winner Taylor Berry series (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10) Mike Baird; Corpus Christi Caller-Times   Corpus Christi
Citation of Merit "Selfless Portrait: Alice Cyclist Killed in Hit-And-Run Helped Save Lives" Mark Collette; Corpus Christi Caller-Times  Corpus Christi
Honorable Mention "Reforming Heat and Practice Guidelines in High School Football" Mark Dent, Corbett Smith; The Dallas Morning News  Dallas/Fort Worth
Honorable Mention "Missing Pieces: Exploring the Puzzle of Autism" J.R. Ortega, Kathleen Duncan; The Victoria Advocate  Victoria
Winner "Texas Lures Cancer Scientists from Boston; Emphasizes Basic Research" Carrie Feibel; KUHF Houston Public Radio Houston
Citation of Merit "Trauma Test" Chuck Schechner; KRLD Dallas/Fort Worth
In-Depth Radio        
Winner (tie) "Engineering Hope: Medical Research That Could Change Our Lives" B.J. Austin, Sujata Dand, Shelley Kofler, Bill Zeeble; KERA Dallas/Fort Worth
Winner (tie) "Whooping Cough" (Part 2) Crystal Chavez; KUT Radio Austin
Honorable Mention "The Texas Budget: Paying for Healthcare" Shelley Kofler, B.J. Austin; KERA Dallas/Fort Worth
Online/Mixed Media       
Winner "Colonias Health Series" (Part 2 and Part 3) Emily Ramshaw; The Texas Tribune  Austin
Citation of Merit "Missing Pieces: Exploring the Puzzle of Autism" J.R. Ortega, Kathleen Duncan; The Victoria Advocate  Victoria
Honorable Mention "A Father's Gift" Christi Myers, Bob Dows, Randy Klein; KTRK-TV Houston
Physician Excellence in Reporting        
Winner (tie) "Keep Your Skin Healthy for Skin Cancer Awareness Month" Steven E. Zimmet, MD; zimmet@skin-vein.com     Austin
Winner (tie) "Summer Tips to Keep Active" Stephen Pont, MD, MPH; KTBC-TV Austin