TMALC Class of 2011 Testimonials

 Hear what the inagural class of the TMA Leadership College has to say about what their experiences in the eight-month training program for young physicians.


Darrell Alley, MD 



Jeffrey Apple, MD 


Brian M. Bruel, MD 


Ray Callas, MD 



Chelsea Clinton, MD 


Carla Davis, MD 


Lenore DePagter, DO 



Steve Gigliotti, MD 


Angela Hilger, MD 


Bradford Holland, MD 



Erica Hughes, MD 


Radha Iyengar, MD 


Gregory Johnson, MD 



Michelle Markley, MD 


Piyush Mittal, MD 


Rick Ngo, MD 



Sandra Parker, MD 


Susan Pike, MD 


Theodore J. Spinks, MD 


Talmadge Trammell, MD 


Bindu Raju, MD