TMLT: Medical Liability Coverage for Texas Physicians

Texas Medical Liability Trust (TMLT), the largest medical liability provider in the state, insures more than 19,000 health care professionals. The company has a wide range of liability insurance products and helpful tools. 

For example, TMLT offers a Moonlighting program that provides premium discounts for residents or fellows who practice 30 hours per week or less outside of their training program.

TMLT also provides Rising Star coverage for first-year physicians. Physicians establishing their first practice after completing residency may qualify for first- and second-year premium discounts. 

Once well-versed in medical liability insurance options and terminology, physicians will want to begin looking at the type of coverage that best fits their needs. 

TMLT is a unique, not-for-profit health care liability claim trust owned by its physician policyholders. TMLT is not an insurance company, but a self-insured trust established by Texas Insurance Code Article 21.49-4 to provide coverage against health care liability claims to members of the Texas Medical Association.

Here's a brief overview of some of the types of coverage available from TMLT: 

  • Claims-made policy . A claims-made policy protects physicians during the active policy period, usually one year. Failure to renew a claims-made policy when it expires means physicians no longer are covered for any claims that may arise in the future, alleged to have occurred during the time the policy was in force. Physicians who wish to continue coverage under a claims-made policy must purchase supplemental coverage, such as tail or prior acts coverage.  
  • Occurrence policy . An occurrence policy provides permanent insurance coverage for incidents that occur during the policy period, even if reported after the policy expires or is canceled. Occurrence policies are generally more expensive to purchase, but it is not necessary to buy supplemental coverage like tail or prior acts coverage after an occurrence policy expires. Coverage continues into the future.  
  • Tail coverage . Tail coverage, also called a reporting endorsement, is available when a claims-made policy is canceled or not renewed. Tail coverage continues insurance protection under a claims-made policy for claims arising in the future but that occurred during the time the policy was in force. TMLT offers free tail coverage to physicians who are 50 or older; have been continuously insured with TMLT for five years or more on a claims-made policy; and who cancel a policy due to complete retirement from medical practice.  
  • Prior acts coverage . This supplemental coverage may be purchased from a physician's new insurance carrier. It covers incidents that occurred under a previous claims-made policy and that have not yet been reported.  
  • Premises liability coverage . All TMLT policies include a Limited Professional Premises Liability Coverage Endorsement. The limits of liability for this coverage are $200,000 each occurrence/$200,000 aggregate.  

TMLT also provides locum tenens coverage, moonlighting coverage for residents, and medical liability protection for health care professionals working with TMLT policyholders. For more information on TMLT insurance, see the TMLT website  or call (800) 580-8658.