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Save Medical Education: Sign Up for First Tuesdays  

With the state facing a $30 billion budget shortfall, the 2011 session of the Texas Legislature could be disastrous for medical education. Lawmakers will look for ways to save money, and medical education likely will face potentially devastating funding cuts. 

This is where you come in. You can work to save medical education funding by lobbying lawmakers and explaining to them how vital undergraduate and graduate medical education are to the future of health care in Texas. We don't need to cut the number of new physicians trained in Texas, nor do we need to have any more new physicians leave the state after graduating from our medical schools. 

How can you help? The easiest way is to come to Austin and make your voice heard during First Tuesdays at the Capitol on Feb. 1, March 1, April 5, and May 3. The April 5 program is especially important, as it will focus on medical students and residents. 

The First Tuesdays program has been incredibly successful since it began in 2003. Lawmakers say seeing all those white lab coats in their offices and in the Capitol galleries and hallways makes a difference. They listen when their hometown doctors show up in their offices. 

 "Caring for Patients in a Time of Change" is TMA's theme for this session. TMA President Susan Rudd Bailey, MD, says that the message "reminds each of us – as well as our patients and state officials and candidates for office and the general public – that caring for patients is what we do. It's what we do regardless of the environment. It's what cements that bond with our patients and their families. And it's what makes our profession so special."

TMA and the Texas Medical Association Alliance call on you to be medical lobbyist for a day. You will make a difference.

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Winter Conference to Explain New Work Hours Rules 

Mark your calendar for Saturday, Jan. 29, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. The Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) will host a special presentation for residents and medical students during TMA's Winter Conference on interpreting the new resident work hour guidelines. It will be in Room 203 of the AT&T Conference Center. 

Lois Bready, MD, associate dean for graduate medical education at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, will make the presentation. 

Other MSS meetings will be held Friday, Jan. 28, and Saturday, Jan. 29: 

MSS Executive Council
6 pm, Friday
AT&T Room 108 

MSS Legislative Task Force
7:30 am, Saturday
AT&T Room 203 

MSS Business Meeting
Noon, Saturday
AT&T Room 106 

Leadership Training
2 pm, Saturday
AT&T Room 203 

Also scheduled during the Winter Conference is an MSS service project aimed at reducing driving while intoxicated. The exact time and location have not been determined. 

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Elections for Alternate Delegate and MSS Member of TMA Board of Trustees 

The TMA Medical Student Section is allotted a representative on the Texas Delegation to the American Medical Association and on the TMA Board of Trustees. Those two officers are elected at the TMA Winter Conference, and their terms run from the close of TexMed through the close of TexMed the following year. 

To apply, the applicant must submit a letter of intent, a current CV, and a letter of support from his or her program director to mssinfo[at]texmed[dot]org by Jan. 21. 

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2011 Medical Student Section Awards 

You have the opportunity to submit nominations for three awards the TMA Medical Student Section (TMA-MSS) gives each year at TexMed. 

The Outstanding Student of the Year Award recognizes a student member who serves the section and excels in furthering TMA-MSS goals and policies for a better Texas. Any medical student (except current TMA-MSS Executive Council members) is eligible to receive this award. 

The Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award recognizes the TMA-MSS chapter that serves the section and excels in furthering TMA-MSS goals and policies for a better Texas. 

The C. Frank Webber, MD, Award honors a TMA member physician who has provided outstanding service and mentoring to the section or to an individual member. 

Submit nominations for the 2011 awards via the online forms on the TMA MSS page on the TMA website by Jan. 21. 

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Residents Must Pay Taxes 

Full-time residents are workers who happen to be studying and thus must pay Social Security taxes, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in upholding an Internal Revenue Service regulation. The Mayo Clinic sued to overturn the regulation after the IRS adopted it in 2004, contending that it contradicted congressional intent to exempt full-time students from the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA.) The clinic also argued that residents have not yet begun their "working lives" because they are not fully trained.  

Chief Justice John Roberts, however, wrote in the ruling that Congress intended for workers such as full-time residents to contribute to and benefit from the Social Security system. He rejected a Mayo clinic request for a case-by-case analysis, saying it was too onerous because a 1998 appeals court decision in a similar case caused 7,000 residents to seek refunds. 

A Mayo spokesman said the health system was disappointed with the decision but noted that the decision won't lead to a change for Mayo residents because it has paid the FICA tax during the litigation. 

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Barekman Scholarship Available 

Jan. 31 is the deadline to apply for the Louise Barekman Memorial Scholarship (PDF).   

Applicants must:   

  • Be a member of a Protestant church and have record of regular attendance from said church;  
  • Exhibit genuine financial need;  
  • Be in good standing in medical school;  
  • Attend first, second, or third year of study in medical school; and 
  • Be a resident of Texas.  

The medical school determines recipients and notifies TMA.  Funding is available through a trust established by private sources.   

The Barekman scholarship is among several loan funds and scholarships that TMA makes available to medical students in Texas. Funds are limited to specific medical schools annually. Contact your financial aid office directly to see if you qualify. 


  • Dr. May Owen Irrevocable Trust Loan Fund,  
  • Dr. S.E. Thompson Scholarship Loan Fund,  
  • TMA Alliance Medical Student Loan Fund,  
  • TMA Special Funds Foundation Durham Student Loan Fund, and  
  • TMA Special Funds Foundation Medical Student Loan Fund. 


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