Committee on Physician Health and Wellness

The TMA Committee on Physician Health and Wellness promotes the health and well-being of physicians, as well as the treatment and rehabilitation of those who have potentially impairing conditions or who have become impaired. It is the responsibility of all members of the medical profession to ensure that the practice of medicine is conducted using the highest moral, ethical, and scientific standards.

The function of the Committee on Physician Health and Wellness (PHW) is three-fold: 1) to encourage physician health and well-being, 2) to promote safe patient care by identifying physicians who may have a potentially impairing condition, and 3) to advocate for the physician while maintaining confidentiality and the highest ethical standards. 

As advocates, the committee helps with intervention, referral for evaluation and treatment, if necessary, monitoring upon return from treatment, and education for physicians, medical students, family members, and support staff on topics relating to physician wellness.

PHW Committee Activities 

  • 24-Hour Hotline: (800) 880-1640
  • Continuing Medical Education Programs  
  • Drug Screen Program for Physicians
  • PHR Assistance Fund
  • Outreach to medical students and resident physicians
  • The Joint Commission Standard re: Licensed Independent Practitioner Health

A 24-hour toll free number is available that anyone may call if he or she is concerned about a physician who may have a potentially impairing condition.   

The PHW Committee offers continuing medical education activities on many topics.  PHW activities encourage physicians to promote and maintain their health and wellness, which fosters healthy lifestyles in patients. The PHW committee is committed to providing ongoing education of all physicians and medical students regarding physician health and wellness as well as services for health-related conditions that may affect a physician's ability to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety.   

The Drug Screen Program for Physicians provides a statewide, consistent method for random drug screening of physicians under agreement with county medical society PHW committees, district coordinators, and hospital-based peer assistance committees.   

Through the PHR Assistance Fund, financial assistance is available to physicians who cannot afford treatment for depression, Substance Use Disorders, or other problems. Financial assistance also is available for short-term living expenses while a physician receives treatment. Donations to the fund are appreciated and are tax-deductible.   

The committee also offers assistance, education, and literature to help medical students and resident physicians who may know of a peer who needs assistance or who may need assistance themselves.   

The PHW committee developed resources available to hospitals to help them respond to The Joint Commission requirement related to physician health.

Medical Students 

Brochures for Medical Students 

Courses for Medical Students

Resident Physicians

PHW CME Courses