What Involvement In TMA Means to Me

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“By participating in one of the First Tuesdays…I was able to go and advocate…and I’m seeing organized medicine in action that directly influences my patients.” 
– Carla M. Davis, MD, Allergist, Houston










 “Whether you work in a two-physician office or an academic health science center, TMA is the most effective organization to look after the interests of all the physicians of Texas.”
– Surendra K. Varma, MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist, Lubbock 

“Organized medicine, whether it be local, state, or national, has the power to improve the health of all Texans if we choose to participate. The power of ‘we’ far exceeds the influence of ‘me’. When we work together, everyone benefits- especially our patients.”
– Lyle S. Thorstenson, MD, Ophthalmologist, Nacogdoches 

“When I got out into practice all by myself, I realized I’m not just a physician, I’m not just a healer, I have a responsibility not only to my patients but also to my community. I also have a responsibility to my profession and my specialty.”
– Brian M. Bruel, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Houston 

“I had no idea how influential TMA was and how we as individuals are.”
– Angela A. Hilger, MD, Pediatrician, San Antonio 

“I’ve gone from asking what can I get out of TMA to what can I offer.”
– Bradford W. Holland, MD, Otolaryngologist, Waco 

“Get involved, stay involved and get others involved.”
– Michelle L. Markley, MD, Family Medicine, Austin  

“After participating in First Tuesday, it’s been instilled in me the importance of if you’re not engaged in the process of rulemaking then don’t complain about the rules that are inflicted on you.”
– D. Rick Q. Ngo, MD, Surgeon, Houston 

“TMA is an organization with an amazing amount of excellence and it’s truly infectious.”
– Susan M. Pike, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Round Rock 

Published On

October 20, 2010

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