Turning Good Ideas Into Better Health

TMA Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization committed to connecting the charitable concerns of physicians with the people of Texas. TMAF funded initiatives enable physicians and their families to give back to their community and take a visible leadership role toward improving the health of all Texans.

The foundation supports TMA’s health improvement programs that address the association’s public health and science priorities using strategies tailored to meet the needs of local communities. These projects stem from proposals by TMA, TMA alliance and TMA medical student members in partnership with institutions such as corporations, schools, civic groups and other not-for-profits.

The trusted leadership of physicians is reflected through their participation in distinctive programs and partnerships that provide Texans with services, education and support to measurably improve their health.

By placing a high value on collaborations between medicine, business and community, the foundation is uniquely situated to support TMA’s mission, “To improve the health of all Texans.” This power of partnership and leveraging of resources enables innovative approaches to be taken that emphasize prevention and personal responsibility in creating and managing one’s good health.

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