Giving for the Future

Did you know your annual gift to TMAF demonstrates a sustained commitment to improving the health of all Texans? That's because when you make a yearly contribution, it strengthens TMAF's capacity to impact the communities it serves by ensuring financial security for the programs, services and activities it provides. Annual gifts are the cornerstone of this success.

The not-for-profit family has been hit hard by the declining economy; however support for the Annual Fund is not just important, it’s critical for the continuation of programs, services and stewardship activities. TMAF is well-placed to weather this storm, thanks to annual gifts from nearly 4,500 donors like you.

TMAF’s Annual Fund campaign, which consists of unrestricted donations and gifts restricted for specific purposes, accounts for the majority of all funds raised each year. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund allow the TMA Foundation Board of Trustees to direct funds toward the most immediate needs and to take advantage of promising opportunities that arise during the year.

With this one contribution, you and donors like you support a diverse set of services— scholarships for minority medical students, life-saving vaccinations for children across the state, free helmets for the little heads of little Texans, and more. With the support of the Annual Fund, your foundation will be here to address the most important health needs of Texans, big and small. 

Published On

September 25, 2010

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