• What if Texas Got Rid of Property Taxes?

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    Physicians should stay abreast of the pending school finance lawsuit because there are ramifications on the entire tax system and will impact health care.  In February, the Texas Taxpayer and Research Association recently presented at the capitol a look at what would happen if it swapped out property taxes for others kinds of taxes like increasing the sales tax. 

    How Taxes Impact Health Care  
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    Licensure Fees Are Now Missing the Occupations Tax                                     


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    Rep. Drew Darby and Sen. Jane Nelson  worked with TMA and a coalition of business groups to eliminate the antiquated occupations tax that was levied on top of licensure fees.  A significant portion of licensure fees already go to fund the state budget.  However, the occupations tax was not applied fairly across all occupations and professions.  This was a $200/year reduction for every Texas licensed physician.

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  • Tax Fraud 

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    The Texas Medical Association has heard from more than 100 physicians around the state who learned their Social Security numbers had been stolen after attempting to file their 2013 tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service and Secret Service are leading an investigation to find the tax fraud perpetrators. 



    Doctors Targeted in Identity Theft Scheme