Regional Extension Centers

The Texas Regional Extension Centers have been funded by the 2009 ARRA federal stimulus package. Each Regional Extension Center provides specialized expertise and collaborates on best practices to conquer the challenges facing Texas doctors and to help maximise the potential of electronic health records (EHRs) to improve patient care.

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 Texas Regional Extension Centers

Gulf Coast Regional Extension Center (GCREC):
University of Texas Health Science Center Houston

For more information, call (713) 500-3479 or visit the GCREC website

North Texas Regional Extension Center (NTREC):
Dallas Fort-Worth Hospital Council

For more information, call (469) 648-5140 or visit the NTREC website.

CentrEast Regional Extension Center (CentrEast REC):
Texas A&M Health Science Center

For more information, call (979) 436-0390 or visit the CentrEast website.

West Texas Regional Extension Center (WTxHITREC):
Texas Tech Health Science Center

For more information, call (806) 743-7960 or visit the WTxHITREC website.