Business Meetings By Meeting Type


    Ad-hoc  (back to top)

    Friday12 pm3 pmAd Hoc Committee on Health Information TechnologyAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday1:30 pm4:30 pmAd Hoc Committee on Medicaid, CHIP, & UninsuredAT&T, Room 102, Level 1
    Saturday7 am8:30 amBorder HealthAT&T, Room 301, Level 3
    Friday12 pm1:30 pmCoalition for Patient SafetyAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Friday8 am9:30 amPrimary Care CoalitionTMA, Staff Lounge, 5th Floor

    Boards (back to top)

    Friday3 pm5 pm(BOC) Constitution & Bylaws SubcommitteeTMA, Durham, 10th floor
    Friday1 pm3 pm(BOC) Subcommittee on Medical EthicsTMA, Durham, 10th floor
    Friday7 am8:30 am(BOT) Educational Scholarship & Loans SubcommitteeTMA, Room 9A, 9th Floor
    Friday7 am8:30 am(BOT) Investments CommitteeTMA, Durham, 10th Floor
    Friday5 pm7 pmBoard of CouncilorsTMA, Staff Lounge, 5th Floor
    Friday8:30 am5:30 pmBoard of TrusteesTMA, May Owen, 10th Floor
    Friday6:30 pm8:30 pmTexas Medicine Editorial BoardTMA, Durham, 10th Floor

    Caucuses  (back to top)

    Friday5:45 pm6:45 pmHouse Speakers and Caucus ChairsAT&T, Salon D, Level 3
    Friday3:30 pm5:30 pmSmall Districts CaucusAT&T, Room 101, Level 1
    Saturday7:30 am8:30 amWest Texas CaucusAT&T, Room 101, Level 1

    Councils  (back to top)

    Saturday7:45 am8:45 amCouncil on Constitution & BylawsAT&T, Room 108, Level 1
    Friday4:30 pm8:30 pmCouncil on Health Care QualityAT&T, Room 104, Level 1
    Saturday6 am8:30 amCouncil on Health PromotionAT&T, Room 104, Level 1
    Friday7 pm9:30 pmCouncil on Health Service OrganizationsAT&T, Salon A, Level 3
    Friday9 am12 pmCouncil on LegislationTMA, Thompson, 1st Floor
    Friday12 pm3:30 pmCouncil on Medical EducationAT&T, Room 301, Level 3
    Friday3:30 pm6:30 pmCouncil on Practice Management ServicesAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday12 pm3:30 pmCouncil on Science & Public HealthAT&T, Room 104, Level 1
    Friday1 pm5 pmCouncil on SocioeconomicsAT&T, Room 202, Level 2
    Friday10 am12 pmMedEd: Academic Physician SubcommitteeAT&T, Salon D, Level 3
    Friday3:45 pm5:45 pmMedEd: Executive SessionAT&T, Salon E, Level 3
    Friday10:30 am12 pmMedEd: Medical DeansAT&T, Salon E, Level 3

    Committees  (back to top)

    Friday6:30 pm8:30 pmCommittee on Blood & Tissue UsageTMA, Room 9A, 9th Floor
    Friday6:30 pm8:30 pmCommittee on CancerAT&T, Room 102, Level 1
    Friday5 pm7:30 pmCommittee on Child & Adolescent HealthAT&T, Hotel Side, Carillon Restaurant, PDR 1
    Friday12:30 pm3 pmCommittee on Continuing EducationTMA, Room 9A, 9th Floor
    Friday6 pm8 pmCommittee on EMS & TraumaAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Saturday12 pm2 pmCommittee on Infectious DiseaseAT&T, Room 108, Level 1
    Friday9 am11:30 amCommittee on Maternal & Perinatal HealthAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday6 pm8 pmCommittee on MembershipAT&T, Room 108, Level 1
    Friday6:30 pm8:30 pmCommittee on Patient/Physician AdvocacyTMA, May Owen, 10th Floor
    Friday7 pm10 pmCommittee on Physician Distribution & Health Care AccessAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday6 pm8 pmCommittee on Physician Health & RehabilitationTMA, Thompson, 1st Floor
    Friday1 pm2:30 pmCommittee on Professional LiabilityTMA, Thompson, 1st Floor
    Saturday12 pm2 pmCommittee on Rural HealthAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Friday11:30 am2:30 pmCommittee on the History of MedicineTMA, Room 5B, 5th Floor
    Saturday7 am8:30 amInterspecialty SocietyAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday12:30 pm1 pmPHR: Assistance Fund SubcommitteeTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday3 pm4 pmPHR: Executive SessionTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday11 am11:30 amPHR: Program EffectivenessTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday1:30 pm3 pmPHR: Regional Education TeamsTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday11:30 am12:30 pmPHR: Resident & Student Assistance SubcommitteeTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday1 pm1:30 pmPHR: Treatment Facilities SubcommitteeTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday2 pm5 pmPOEP Advisory CommitteeAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Friday10 am12 pmSubcommittee on AccreditationTMA, Room 9A, 9th Floor

    House of Delegates  (back to top)

    Other  (back to top)

    Thursday5 pm7:30 pmCommunications Round TableAT&T Center, Carillon Restaurant (Hotel Side), Co-Op
    Saturday7:30 am8:30 amDawn Duster: Demystifying Accountable Care OrganizationsAT&T, Room 202, Level 2
    Friday8 pm9 pmFriends of Bill W. MeetingAT&T, Room 210, Level 2
    Friday9 am11 amHIT: CentrEast REC BoardAT&T, Carillon Restaurant, PDR2
    Friday9 am11 amHIT: Gulf Coast REC BoardAT&T, Carillon Restaurant, Co-Op
    Friday9 am11 amHIT: North Texas REC BoardAT&T, Carillon Restaurant, PDR3
    Friday9 am11 amHIT: West Texas REC BoardAT&T, Carillon Restaurant, PDR1
    Saturday7 am8:30 amTexas Delegation To the AMAAT&T, Room 102, Level 1
    Friday5:30 pm6:30 pmTEXPAC 300 Club ReceptionAT&T, Room 301, Level 3
    Friday7 pm9 pmTEXPAC Board of DirectorsAT&T, Salon C, Level 3
    Friday3 pm5 pmTEXPAC Executive CommitteeAT&T, Salon D, Level 3
    Friday2:45 pm5:45 pmTMA Foundation Board of TrusteesTMA, Thompson, 1st Floor
    Friday12 pm2 pmTMA Foundation Development CommitteeTMA, Staff Lounge, 5th Floor
    Friday10 am12 pmTMA Foundation Finance CommitteeTMA, Staff Lounge, 5th Floor
    Friday1 pm4 pmTMAIT Advisory CommitteeAT&T, Carillon Restaurant (Hotel side), Co-Op
    Friday5:30 pm8:30 pmTMAIT Board of TrusteesAT&T, Carillon Restaurant (Hotel side), Co-Op
    Saturday6:30 am7 amTX Delegation Affairs CommitteeAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Saturday6:30 am7 amTX Delegation Awards & Recognition CommitteeAT&T, Room 112, Level 1
    Saturday6:30 am7 amTX Delegation Communications CommitteeAT&T, Room 108, Level 1
    Saturday6:30 am7 amTX Delegation Membership CommitteeAT&T, Room 114, Level 1
    Saturday6:30 am7 amTX Delegation Nominations CommitteeAT&T, Room 111, Level 1

    Sections  (back to top)

    Saturday12 pm1:30 pmMSS Business MeetingAT&T, Room 202, Level 2
    Friday7 pm10 pmMSS Executive CouncilAT&T, Salon B, Level 3
    Saturday2 pm4:30 pmMSS: Leadership Training WorkshopAT&T, Room 202, Level 2
    Saturday12 pm12:30 pmRFS Business MeetingAT&T, Room 101, Level 1
    Saturday12:30 pm1:45 pmYPS & RFS Presentation: Influencing Without AuthorityAT&T, Room 102, Level 1

    Specialty Societies  (back to top)

    Friday11:30 am3:30 pmTexas Pediatrics Society Committee on Medical EducationAT&T, Room 101, Level 1
    Saturday11:30 am3:30 pmTexas Pediatrics Society Executive BoardAT&T, Room 104, Level 1
    Saturday12 pm4 pmCMS Leadership ForumAT&T, Room 301, Level 3 (Registration limited to county medical society presidents, presidents-elect, and staff executives)