Listen to the Latest Guidance on Infection Control for Your Practice


If you’re seeking more information on keeping your practice, staff, and patients safe while treating COVID-19 cases, the Texas Medical Association COVID-19 Task Force has created a podcast version of its frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Infection Prevention and Control.

The podcast features tips and suggestions from Charles Lerner, MD, on how to minimize exposure to COVID-19 in your clinic. Dr. Lerner is an infectious disease specialist in San Antonio, member of the task force, and consultant to TMA's Committee on Infectious Diseases.

The podcast also covers standard precautions for preventing and controlling infections in your clinic, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for patients who self-care at home, helpful tips on personal protective equipment, and much more.

Find it on TMA’s COVID-19 Resource Center, which is regularly updated with news, resources, and government guidance.


Last Updated On

April 01, 2020

Originally Published On

April 01, 2020

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