Help Eliminate Patients’ Insurance Confusion


Every day, patients pay a hefty price for their health care, and many are quick to blame rising costs and climbing insurance premiums on the first person that comes to mind: usually the “well-paid physician.”

Don’t let your patients place blame on you unfairly.

The Texas Medical Association has launched a comprehensive agenda for health insurance reform with the Texas Legislature. In the meantime, TMA is offering a new continuing medical education (CME) course to help you help your patients.

The truth is, many health care professionals are generally ill-equipped to explain insurance benefits to their patients. This includes not only the cost for services, but how much to expect in out-of-pocket expenses. 

Don’t let insurance companies paint you as the bad guy. Prepare your patients for the cost of procedures and how much they will pay out-of-pocket.

Take TMA’s newest webinar, Helping Patients Navigate Insurance Coverage, to learn a simple framework on how to educate patients about their insurance benefits and to navigate the maze of payments.

The webinar will provide a thorough explanation of health insurance terminology and help you understand how to interpret covered benefits. The program will also address:

  • Prior authorization of services and predetermination of benefits;
  • Identification of patient financial responsibilities as well as insights for patient discussions; and
  • A simple chart for navigating the insurance maze with your patients (below). 

For additional information and tools, visit the insurance section of the TMA website

As with most of TMA’s CME programs, our new webinar Helping Patients Navigate Insurance Coverage is free for TMA members and their practice staff, thanks to a generous sponsorship by the TMA Insurance Trust.


Last Updated On

February 06, 2019

Originally Published On

February 06, 2019

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