First Tuesdays at the Capitol Are Now Virtual
By Jennifer Perkins


The 2021 Texas legislative session will be unlike any other we have experienced. Yet your opportunities for lobbying Texas legislators have never been easier or safer.

This year, instead of hosting early morning in-person First Tuesdays at the Capitol events in Austin, the Texas Medical Association lobby team will take a virtual deep dive into TMA’s legislative priorities during the lunch hour. You will be able to arm yourself with the information you need to successfully advocate on behalf of health care in Texas, conveniently from your home or practice.

Legislators need to hear from you – their physician constituents – to understand how proposed legislation can potentially impact the practice of medicine in Texas. Attend TMA’s virtual First Tuesdays and learn how to:

  • Make a difference now and for medicine’s future.
  • Become well-versed on the issues facing medicine this session.
  • Inform your senator, representative, and their staff about these issues.
  • Take other important steps to educate legislators on important issues.

Register today for this year’s virtual First Tuesdays! All sessions will be held at noon.

February 2

March 2

April 6

May 4

Other Easy Steps You Can Take to Get Involved in Grassroots Advocacy

Getting involved in grassroots advocacy outside of First Tuesdays at the Capitol helps amplify the voice of medicine.

  1. Respond to Action Alerts to impact time-sensitive legislation;
  2. Download the VoterVoice app so you can respond to Action Alerts from your phone;
  3. Participate in a First Tuesdays in the District with your county medical society;
  4. Follow your legislators on social media to learn about their legislative goals;
  5. Learn about TEXPAC and help elect medicine-friendly candidates to office;
  6. Follow TMA’s legislative progress during session; and
  7. Read TMA’s Legislative Hotline each day the legislature meets.

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January 26, 2021

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January 26, 2021

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