Was Your Choice of Specialty Right for You?
By Steve Levine


Did you know ahead of time that your specialty was a good match for your personality and what you want from medicine? Do you wish you had? 

A third-year medical student at UT Southwestern Medical School wants your help in developing a test to help students find the specialty that’s right for them. 

“Our purpose is to pilot a holistic specialty matching tool to improve career advising by comprehensively incorporating and characterizing the personal preferences and personalities of current and future generations of physicians,” Tiana Raphel told Texas Medicine Today

Ms. Raphel is asking physicians to complete a 5-minute survey that asks questions concerning personal preferences, personality, and demographic information. 

“There is minimal risk with respect to loss of participant confidentiality, although all efforts will be made to minimize risk,” Ms. Raphel said. “Extensive steps are being taken to ensure all data remains de-identified and impossible to link back to the original source.” 

The survey is open now.

Last Updated On

December 10, 2019

Originally Published On

December 10, 2019

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