TMA PracticeEdge ACOs Tops for State, National Medicare Savings


Three accountable care organizations (ACOs) formed through TMA PracticeEdge were among state and national leaders in generating Medicare savings during the 2018 Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) performance year.

Alliance ACO of rural central Texas, Genesis Physicians Group of Dallas, and UPSA ACO of San Antonio saved the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) more than $17.5 million in the care of more than 26,500 Medicare beneficiaries last year, 2018 data show.

The results underscore the success of Texas’ physician-led ACOs in improving care while eliminating excessive costs. 

“When the Texas Medical Association created our organization in 2015, we knew that with the right tool set, ACOs owned and led by physicians could deliver the quality improvement and cost efficiency needed to succeed in emerging value-based care models,” said David Spalding, TMA PracticeEdge chief operating officer. “TMA PracticeEdge ACOs have not only delivered on their promises, but they – along with many other physician-owned organizations – are setting standards for the market.” 

According to the CMS 2018 MSSP reporting data:

  • Alliance ACO generated $9.3 million in savings, or 10.9% compared with its 2018 benchmark  the highest savings rate in Texas and the 11th best in the country.
  • UPSA ACO, with 52 physicians and growing, was the second smallest organization in Texas to achieve shared savings at $4.6 million.
  • Genesis Physicians Group accomplished $3.4 million in savings in its first year of MSSP participation. Typically, the highest-performing ACOs are those with the most years of involvement in the MSSP, CMS data show.

In addition, three TMA PracticeEdge members who participate through Osler Medical Group generated a total of $16.1 million in savings: Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance ($9.8 million), Sunshine ACO ($3.2 million), and Buena Vida y Salud ($3.1 million).

Two additional Texas ACOs participated in CMS's Next Generation ACO model and will receive their results later this year. 

Nationally, 548 ACOs participated in the 2018 MSSP, providing care for 10.1 million beneficiaries and generating $739.4 million in total net savings. 

According to TMA PracticeEdge’s analysis, 65% of the physician-sponsored ACOs in Texas earned shared savings, compared with 50% of hospital-sponsored ACOs and 38% sponsored by other for-profit entities.

ACOs are groups of physicians and other health care providers who come together to offer coordinated high-quality care to Medicare patients. The goal is to provide the right care at the right time, while avoiding duplication of services, and improving the patient experience.

TMA formed TMA PracticeEdge in 2015 to help physicians create and support physician-owned ACOs.

Find more information about TMA PracticeEdge on its website, at (888) 900-0334 or via email

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November 11, 2019

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