The State of Women in Medicine
By Sean Price Texas Medicine August 2018

Once a male-dominated field, medicine is changing as women make up a growing part of the physician population. (See “Fighting on Two Fronts,”). Women physicians also are rising to leadership roles, and the Texas Medical Association is dedicated to helping them. TMA’s Fall Conference will feature an event on women in medicine on Saturday, September 29. For more information, visit the conference website,, or visit TMA’s Women in Medicine page,

Below are some areas where women are reaching equality with men in medicine — and areas where there's still work to do. 

Aug_18_TM_WIM Infographic_MaleFemale

 Aug_18_TM_WIM Infographic_Education2

 Aug_18_TM_WIM Infographic_Specialties   Aug_18_TM_WIM Infographic_Pay


Aug_18_TM_WIM Infographic_Harrassment


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