Start Strong With TMA Early Career Education

Negotiation, noncompete covenants, employment contracts — as a resident, you have a lot to think about besides just learning to practice medicine.

Career_educationIf you’re wondering what you need to know about the restrictions, consequences, and benefits of signing on the dotted line, it pays to think ahead. 

Luckily, the Texas Medical Association has your back with free early career education for residents to help you navigate contracts and develop negotiation skills that can be key to getting the terms that work for you. 

To help you make good contracting decisions, ask your residency program coordinator to schedule a free, one-hour talk at your facility.

And don’t forget: TMA resident members can access more free education on contracting and negotiations in the TMA Education Center, at TexMed 2018, and in our online Resident Video Library.

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August 28, 2019

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