Prenatal HIV Testing in Private OB-Gyn Practices in Texas

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Abstract of Journal Article -- May 2002  

By Ann S. Robbins, PhD;Cheryl L.E. Jablonski, MA; Barry E. Mitchell, MPH; Sharon A. King, MA; Sharon K. Melville, MD, MPH; and Sharilyn K. Stanley, MD                                                                            

This study evaluates the prenatal human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing behaviors of private obstetrics and gynecology practitioners in Texas. A statewide telephone survey of 614 providers of prenatal care determined the level of HIV testing, how testing is offered, and patient acceptance of the test. Ninety-nine percent of the practices offered HIV testing to all their pregnant patients, and 96% of the practices included HIV testing in the routine panel of tests for pregnant patients. More than 95% of the practices reported that 10% or less of the women refused the test when offered it; 73% of the practices reported no refusals. Less than half of the practices, however, discussed HIV prevention topics, and only 29% of the practices referred high-risk pregnant patients for prevention counseling. Although private practices of obstetrics and gynecology report testing almost all their prenatal patients, survey results suggest that providers could improve their prevention and patient education practices.

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