HHSC Wants to IMPROVE Medicaid

If you have an idea about how the state's Medicaid program can better serve physicians and patients, state officials want to hear it.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is seeking opinions from physicians through its new Interactive Medicaid Provider Voice (IMPROVE) system. Physicians and other health care professionals may share their ideas with Medicaid administrators and program staff. Each concern or suggestion will be assigned to a Medicaid staff member, and the system will track the progress of the staff member's response.

Medicaid officials say IMPROVE allows physicians to interact directly with Medicaid and receive answers from Medicaid personnel who are well-versed in the area concern. They say it also allows HHSC to:

  • Incorporate fresh ideas and innovation into Medicaid.
  • Increase patients' access to care through improved Medicaid procedures and policies, and
  • Raise physicians' participation in and satisfaction with Medicaid.


Action , Jan. 15, 2010