Deaths of Texas Adolescents From Injury, 1996 Through 1998

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Abstract of Journal Article -- April 2003  

By George R. Kerr, MD, and David J. Ramsey, PhD  

From studying the deaths of Texas adolescents from injury during 1996 through 1998, we compiled data showing major causes. Injuries accounted for 3760 deaths and 75% of all adolescent deaths. Unintentional injuries (accidents) accounted for 65% of injury deaths and 49% of all deaths. Motor vehicle traffic accidents accounted for 74% of deaths from unintentional injuries and 36% of all deaths. Homicide accounted for 18% of deaths from injury and 14% of all deaths. Suicide accounted for 15% of deaths from injury and 11% of all deaths. The major single cause of adolescent death, assault with unspecified firearm, accounted for 483 deaths, 13% of injury deaths, and 10% of all deaths.

Several age, gender, and ethnic differences were identified in risk of death from the various causes of injury, and these analyses may help target specific populations of Texas adolescents for strategies to prevent injuries.

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